Girls in Years 9 to 12 have the opportunity to trial and train for the College Rowing Program. Girls are selected to compete in various crews.

Crews train at the Genazzano/Xavier boat sheds in Kew, also along the Yarra River and Maribyrnong River, to prepare for weekend regattas, in Terms 4 and 1, including the Head of School Girls Regatta, on the Barwon River in. An introductory ‘Learn to Row’ program is also run for Year 8 students in Term 3 of each year.


Daniher squad

Aims of the junior program:

  • To offer the students challenges in a new and unique sport
  • Foster new friendships
  • To teach every student the same technical foundations in accordance with Australian Coaching standards
  • Develop a team environment centred on mutual respect and a desire to achieve a common goal
  • Allow the students to push personal barriers, both physically and mentally
  • To create a sense of pride in individual, crew and club achievements.

Canty squad

  • To further the development of the technical, physical and mental concepts learned in the junior program
  • To meet the new challenges of a maturing athlete
  • To establish a strong crew ethic where students not only feel a sense of belonging but also accountability to their fellow team members
  • Demand consistent efforts and improvement from one training session to the next
  • To establish a competitive training environment, where good teamwork, discipline and courage are recognised and rewarded.

Radford squad

  • Aspire to the highest junior level of rowing in Australia, both technically and physically
  • To redefine the boundaries of students’ perceived physical and mental limitations
  • To understand that success is the result of a process and hard work
  • Develop immense trust and loyalty amongst the squad, crews and coaches.

Colour points

Students have the opportunity to receive colour points in line with College policy. To qualify for a colour point, a student must participate once a week during a term (for a non-training team) or twice weekly a term for a training team. Participation must involve a minimum 80% attendance at both training and matches.

Contact us

For more information, download a copy of the Sport at Genazzano brochure, or contact our Director of Sport via reception on 8862 1000.

We hope that, regardless of the results at the end of each season, our students feel a strong sense of achievement and pride from the commitment they have made.