The Alumnae Association Committee

The Alumnae Association Committee is currently made up of women representing years 1988-2012. The Committee warmly welcomes new members and new ideas, and it is important that the original values of the Association are not lost.

A strategic plan has been developed that illustrates not only the future plans of the Association, but also the values of the Association that have been so important since the very beginning of the OGA.

The Genazzano Alumnae Association encourages and supports:

  • connections and friendships among past students
  • connections and lifelong relationships with the College community
  • past students contributing to the wider community
  • the College and its students
  • connections to the FCJ spirit, the origins of the College and its Christian tradition.

The committee


Catherine Etty-Leal
(Class of 2006)

Vice President

Fiona Dickson
(Class of 1988)


Sarah Cass
(Class of 1988)

Committee Member

Melina Abbey
(Class of 2003)

Committee Member

Anastasia Abbey
(Class of 2003) 

Committee Member

Majella Pinnuck
(Class of 2008)

Committee Member

Claire Walpole
(Class of 2008) 

Committee Member

Emily Biasotto
(Class of 2012) 

Committee Member

Amanda Reed
(Class of 2008)

Committee dates

2016 Alumnae Association Committee meetings are scheduled for:

  • Monday 1 February at 7.00pm
  • Monday 11 April at 7.00pm
  • Monday 6 June at 7.00pm
  • Monday 1 August at 7.00pm
  • Monday 3 October at 7.00pm
  • Monday 25 November at 7.00pm


The 2016 AGM of the Genazzano Alumnae Association is scheduled for Wednesday 25 May at 7.00pm.


Join the committee

If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact the Alumnae President, Catherine Etty-Leal (Worsnop 2006) via She looks forward to hearing from you.