Outstanding Alumnae Awards

Each year, the Genazzano FCJ College Council makes an award to an Outstanding Alumna, recognising the contributions of a very special past student who had the courage and confidence to go out into the world to really make a difference. This past student has demonstrated a love of learning, and through service to others, is an inspiring role model for young women.

2016 Outstanding Alumnae Awards

Join us in celebrating the Outstanding Achievements of our Alumnae.

Event details

Date: Wednesday 10 August 2016
Time: 7.00pm for presentation of the awards. Refreshments available from 6.00pm
Venue: The Madeleine Centre for Music and The Performing Arts, Genazzano FCJ College, 301 Cotham Road, Kew

Enquiries: Sharyn Hanly, Alumnae and Communications Manager, (03) 8662 1200 or alumnae@genazzano.vic.edu.au

Tickets to this exciting evening will be available online in early July, 2016.


Nominations for the Outstanding Alumnae Award are now open:

Outstanding Alumnae Award Nomination Form

The form is to be completed and submitted by 5.00pm, Monday 16 May 2016.

Winner/s will be advised in the coming weeks.

Previous recipients

Janet De Neefe was the 2015 recipient of the Outstanding Alumna Award for her contribution to the Indonesian community and Tourism industry.

In addition, International Songwriters and Producers Miriam and Olivia Nervo were named the Outstanding Young Alumnae Award recipients.

In recognition of her wonderful legacy, the 2015 Outstanding Young Alumna Posthumous Award went to Katrina Wakeling (Hastings).

The recipients in previous years have received the award for their contributions as detailed below:

  • 1995: Dr Suzanne Crowe (1967) Medical Research
  • 1996: Dr Patricia Desmond (1974) Medicine
  • 1997: Miss Catherine Santamaria (1962) Public Service and Public Policy
  • 1998: Dr Jane Connor (Posthumous Award) (1986) Medicine
  • 1999: Ms Gabrielle Trainor (1973) Governance and Communications
  • 2000: Ms Margaret Easterbrook (1981) Journalism
  • 2001: Sr Barbara Brown-Graham FCJ (1963) Education and the FCJ Society
  • 2002: Ms Jacinta Heffey (1965) Law
  • 2003: Dr Brenda Niall AO (1948) Literature
  • 2004: Professor Marie Emmitt (1963) Education
  • 2005: Miss Julie Chamberlin (1952) Education
  • 2006: Ms Angela Cannon (1982) Law
  • 2007: Ms Melinda Crean (1986) Music and the Arts
  • 2008: Mrs Kerry Stone (1965) Social Action
  • 2009: Ms Sally Isaac (Posthumous Award) (1990) Local Government
  • 2010: Dr Anita Clarke (1982) Medicine
  • 2011: Dr Judith Paphazy (1958) Psychology
  • 2012: Mrs Fiona Scanlan (1978) Fashion Design
  • 2013: Dr Bernadette Tobin (1963) Bioethics
  • 2014: Sr Maryrose Dennehy fcJ (1949) Education and the FCJ Society
  • 2015: Janet DeNeefe (1976) Contribution to the Indonesian Community and Tourism