Friends of Sport

The Genazzano Friends of Sport group began in 1999, as members of the College community joined together to offer support and guidance to the ongoing development of sport at the College. Since then, the depth and breadth of sporting activities available to students has increased significantly.

About the group

The Friends of Sport is an informal group, committed to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of students through physical activity. Sport is clearly acknowledged as a vital aspect of the co-curricular program at Genazzano FCJ College. A wide variety of choices are available to students throughout the College and a balance of physical, artistic and academic options is provided.

Genazzano Friends of Sport acknowledge the vision and initiatives of women for sport in girls’ schools in the past century. The great heritage they established inspires a continuing commitment to the promotion of sport for girls. The Friends of Sport recognise that women and girls are not an homogenous group and with differing social, cultural, economic and physical backgrounds and circumstances, they face a variety of barriers to full participation in sport, recreation and physical activity.


Genazzano Friends of Sport guiding principles are:

  • the promotion of girls' sport
  • enhanced opportunities for participation in competitive and recreational sport and physical activity
  • a commitment to the highest standard of ethical behaviour
  • a commitment to the promotion of health and wellbeing of all girls and young women
  • recognising and respecting the role of professionals appointed by the College with regard to sport.


The Friends of Sport group meets approximately twice per term. Meetings are held in the evening, at the College. The Director of Sport attends the meetings along with the College Sports Co-Captains.

Function of meetings

The function of each meeting is to:

  • support the Director of Sport and promote sport at the College
  • provide feedback from a parent perspective, including discussion and review of various programs and activities
  • receive reports from aspirate College representation where relevant
  • act as a sounding board for new initiatives
  • receive reports from Sports Prefects
  • report to Principal’s Executive Coordinating Committee on behalf of the Friends of Sport.


Notable events for the group include:

  • assistance at Genazzano Open Day with a range of sport information/advice
  • assistance at school sports events where requested
  • the Chair of the Friends of Sport group addresses the Celebration of Sport audience on behalf of the parent body.


  • Members of the group are generally parents who have a passion for sport, physical activity, health, wellbeing and fitness.
  • Non-elected Chairman position – nomination received from the Director of Sport and outgoing Chair and ratified by the College Principal
  • New participants are encouraged to attend and can make further enquiries through the Director of Sport or Chairperson.