Our FCJ Heritage

Genazzano was founded by the Catholic order of Sisters, the Faithful Companions of Jesus. In the spirit of the inspirational FCJ Foundress, Marie Madeleine Victoire de Bengy de Bonnault d'Houet, the College seeks to create a caring atmosphere where all can find a place and feel at home.

Marie Madeleine d’Houet

A woman for our time, Marie Madeleine was a daughter, sister, friend, wife and mother whose life was defined by a restless commitment and willingness to assist those in need. Her great faith meant she displayed the courage and confidence that was the basis of all her work, and the work of all the Sisters, past, present and future, who continue to respond as women at the foot of the Cross.

Sisters FCJ

Today, the Sisters FCJ continue the work of Jesus, demonstrating the message of God’s great love for all people. They strive to work with all people with humility, poverty, obedience and gentleness. They work for God and with God. They are women in the world, ready to stand together to help others, to go where needed, and to go with courage and confidence.

Visit the FCJ Sisters website for more information about Marie Madeleine d’Houet and the Faithful Companions of Jesus.

FCJ philosophy at Genazzano

Companionship is central to the FCJ philosophy of education, being expressed through faithfulness, gentleness and respect. In the Ignatian tradition, the College encourages students to look to find God in all things.

Genazzano seeks to be a nurturer of life and a joyful messenger of hope and love, inspired by the mission of Jesus as proclaimed in John's Gospel: "I have come that they may have life and have it to the full". John 10:10. It is our hope that living this life to the full will be carried out as active members of the Church (Matthew 28:19)

We also seek to prepare our students for a life of leadership in the wider community where our graduates will be seen as women of contemplation, competence, compassion and commitment.

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