Newsletter in Full - Edition 8 2015

News from the Principal


Dear Parents,

Congratulations to three outstanding 2014 Genazzano VCE students who received Premier’s VCE Awards at a special Awards ceremony on Wednesday 3 June:

Renaissance Italy:  Gabrielle Downes & Kathleen Longstaff
Teacher:  Anne McIlroy

Product Design & Technology:  Tess Healey
Teacher:  Katrina Wheaton Penniall

It was a pleasure to be present at the Awards ceremony with our teachers, the students and their families.

Left to right: Tess Healy, Gabrielle Downes and Kathleen Longstaff

Congratulations also to Mrs Mandy Lyle and the Genazzano Flute students. On Sunday 29 May twenty eight Genazzano flute students competed in the 22nd Victorian Flute Guild Annual Flute Ensemble Competition held at MLC in Kew. The results were outstanding and are listed in the Music News section of this newsletter.

We welcome back Year 10 students and Lila McInerney, DP: Faith and Mission and College Nurse: Virginia Boyce from their immersion experience in Timor Leste. They have had an exhausting, yet fulfilling 10 day trip. We are glad to have them back safely, and very proud of their commitment to the work of Father Manuel and his widespread parishes beyond Baucau.

Last week I was present at the Victorian Catholic Principals (Secondary) conference where we were led by Dr Matthew Ashley from Notre Dame University in Indiana on Ignatian Spirituality and liberation theology. This was an outstanding conference and I am hopeful that Dr Ashley will be visiting schools in 2016 and that we can engage him in advance to address the Genazzano staff.

Four Year 9 students left for the Kimberley last Sunday for a month at St Mary’s Broome. Four St Mary’s students will come to Genazzano at the end of July.

A group of Year 7 students, supported by Eileen Bendall, have recently participated in the da Vinci Decathlon academic competition. They were successful in the Victorian Final, receiving first place in the English discipline, second in Philosophy and third in General Knowledge. Many thanks to Eileen for her outstanding work with the students.

Congratulations also to our Year 9 Fire Carriers who participated in a Public Speaking Competition at Avila College last week. Antonietta Di Cosmo and Mia Schlicht participated in the program and Antonietta won first place. The girls were required to deliver a five minute speech about Reconciliation and in particular the need to acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the constitution. Eugenie Dessent, a Year 10 FIRE Carrier, represented the Senior Years in the competition and also performed very strongly. I am grateful to Marea Lanki and Angela Doi for their outstanding work with the girls in preparing for this important program.  Antonietta’s winning speech is published here.

Left to right: Mia Schlicht, Antonietta Di Cosmo, Eugenie Dessent


Close to 20 Genazzano girls and four staff also represented the College in the Long Walk on Saturday evening.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the students currently sitting examinations from Years 9-11 and all VCE Units 3 and 4 students who will sit the GAT exam next Wednesday 10 June. This is after the long weekend Queen’s birthday holiday on Monday 8 June and student-free day at the College on Tuesday 9 June.


We pray for the recently deceased:  

  • Mary Tregear (1960), daughter of Margaret (Peg) Hayden (Moore - 1933), great grandaughter of Ellen Corry (first boarder - 1887), wife of Geoff and niece of Catherine Moore fcJ, Frances and Dick Moore.
  • Virginia Dufty (1972), wife of Ross, mother of Courtney (2010), Matthew and Daniel.
  • Lance Straford, grandfather of Eliza (Year 11) and Caroline (Year 10).
  • Soo young Kim, grandfather of Judith Parks (Year 9)

We also pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world; and members of our community who are ill at this time.



Patricia A Cowling



A Winter Blessing


Blessed are you, winter, dark season of waiting, you affirm the dark seasons of our lives, forecasting the weather of waiting in hope.

Blessed are you, winter, you faithfully guard a life unseen, calling those who listen deeply to discover winter rest.

Blessed are you, winter, frozen and cold on the outside, within your silent, nurturing womb you warmly welcome all that longs for renewal.

Blessed are you, winter, your bleak, barren trees preach wordless sermons about emptiness and solitude.

Blessed are you, winter, you teach us valuable lessons about waiting in darkness with hope and trust.

Blessed are you, winter, season of blood red sunsets and star-filled, long, dark nights, faithfully you pour out your beauty. Blessed are you, winter, when your tiny snowflakes flurry through the air, You awaken our sleeping souls.

Blessed are you, winter, with your wild and varied moods, so intent on being yourself, you refuse to be a people-pleaser. Blessed are you, winter, when ice storms crush our hearts and homes, You call forth the good in us as we rush to help one another.

Blessed are you, winter, your inconsistent moods often challenge Spring’s arrival, yet how gracefully you step aside when her time has come.


Author: Joyce Rupp from The Circle of Life.


Latest News



Read the latest edition of Gen-narrations here:


Swimming Pool Closure

Mark Glover
Business Manager


Families are asked to please note that a decision has been reached to close the College swimming pool for a period of up to 5 weeks, in order to repair urgently the base structure of the facility.

As a result of the recent degradation of the floor of the swimming pool, with large areas of the floor tiles delaminating from the concrete substructure, we have had to close the pool and have an external contractor undertake the remediation works. 

The pool is now over 25 years old, so during the works the entire pool will be examined so that we can identify any other faults that can be rectified whilst the water is drained. 

In consultation with Andi Smith, Aquatics Manager, it has been determined that the forthcoming holiday period provides the least disruption to our Swimming Program in which to carry out the works. The contractor will work from Saturday 20 June to Friday 24 July. The closure will result in some changes to our GenSwim, GenAquatic and PE/Sport Programs for the first 2 weeks of Term 3. Specific details of these changes will be provided to students and families that are involved in these swimming groups. 

The pool area will be subject to a construction zone and this may result in some pedestrian travel restrictions, of which further information will be provided upon commencement of the contract. 

Any specific project queries can be directed to the Property Manager, Mr Ian Curnow. Questions regarding the Swimming Program should be directed to the Aquatics Manager, Mrs Andi Smith.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.


Building Our Future

Genazzano FCJ College engenders a deep loyalty and passion from within its community. As parents, alumnae, teachers, grandparents and friends we work together to nurture close connections within the College and to ensure that the community continues to thrive. It is this connection that inspires so many to support the ongoing development of Genazzano. Your gifts assist with physical improvements to the College, as well as providing life-changing opportunities for young people to become a part of this very special community through the Scholarship Fund.

In 2014, our Annual Giving program raised in excess of $500,000 for the Building, Library, Scholarship and Awards, and the Fathers’ Steps and Rowing projects. We are grateful to all who have made a contribution to this wonderful result. To every single donor we say thank you for your generosity and your continuing love for our College.

For more information please visit the College website.


Host Families Needed

Host Family Needed for Chinese Exchange Students 2015

We urgently need hosting families for 6 girls coming from Xiamen Foreign Language School, roughly between 1 and 28 August, 2015. The exchange girls can speak English so you do not need to know much Chinese. If you are interested and would like to know more details, please contact Ms Cong on

We look forward to hearing from you.


Alumnae Mathematics Tutoring

Alumnae Mathematics Tutoring in the Library

The Alumnae Maths Tutoring Sessions that have been held in the library throughout Semester 1 have concluded on Thursday 4 June.

These sessions will return in Semester 2. Further details of times for Semester 2 will be provided early in Term 3.

Please note that Maths Assist will still be operating in W239 every lunch time until the end of Term 2.

If you would like further information, please contact Mrs Carol Patterson on 8862 1098.


Shout - Public Speaking Competition

Marea Lanki and Angela Doi
FIRE Carrier Program 


Eugene Dissent, Mia Schlicht and Antionetta Di Cosmo represented Genazzano FCJ College in a Public Speaking competition at Avila College. The students were asked to present a five minute speech about Reconciliation, with some attention being given to the need to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Australian Constitution.  Eugene, Mia and Antionetta are to be commended for their enthusiasm and conscientious efforts in planning their speeches.

All of the students spoke confidently and proudly, putting forward their ideas for reconciliation and justice. Antionetta must be congratulated for winning the Middle Years component of the competition. You can read Antonietta's winning speech below:



Sorry means nothing without action!

Antonietta Di Cosmo
Year 9


My name is Antonietta Di Cosmo and I’m going to be speaking to you about reconciliation, recognition and equality in the current discussion about recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Australian Constitution. These issues will be clearly highlighted when we look at the elimination of the Indigenous Australian homelands and how that action contradicts the previous apology we made as a nation. We need to move forward as Australians and give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people the recognition they deserve in our country as the First People of our nation.

We must ask ourselves what is reconciliation? What is recognition? What is equality?

Reconciliation means to recognise past injustices and to be prepared to work together and move forward as equals to build a better future. Reconciliation is based on trust, equality and the true meaning of social justice. If we are going to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people it means that we need to acknowledge them as the oldest living culture in the world and also a culture that has given much to our country. It means that we recognise that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have walked this land for over 50,000 years and we reject any suggestion of Terra Nullius.

The Australian constitution is a set of laws that have been in place since 1 January 1901 and its intention was to set out laws that would protect all the people of this country. How can it unify Australia when it clearly discriminates against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people? The constitution states in Section 51 Part 26 the people of any race, other than the Aboriginal race in any state, for whom it is deemed necessary to make special laws.

How can a constitution that reflects only the views of British men, at the time, unify the whole of Australia and neglect to include the indigenous Australian voices? Australia prides itself on being a multicultural nation but we continue to discriminate against our own indigenous culture. Clearly there are references that discriminate against Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians  in the Australian constitution. It refers to the indigenous people as a race. Changes to the constitution are very hard to pass and it has taken us over 200 years to address this issue, so it is important that we get this right; that we make a change that recognises the rights of all Australians. We need to educate people in this country about the importance of justice, fairness, equality for all Australians, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. It is time to stop apologising and start making a difference.

On 16 August 1975 Gough Whitlam returned the traditional land to the Gurindji people by pouring the red sand into the hand of Aboriginal rights activist, Lingiari. Kevin Rudd on 13 February 2008 apologised, on behalf of the Australian people, to the Stolen Generation. Closing the Aboriginal homelands is contradicting that sorry. Taking away Indigenous culture, family, identity, spiritualty and country is undoing the commitment Mr Whitlam made many years ago. We made a promise as Australians that we would include and recognise Australia’s Indigenous people. We promised that we would strive for reconciliation and justice. How is taking away Aboriginal homelands fulfilling that promise? How is ripping away someone’s home country - their connectedness to home and family -  working for reconciliation and justice? If we are going to be serious about this topic, we need to recognise what homelands mean to Aboriginal people. It’s not just a lifestyle choice; it’s their connection to all that is important to them: culture, family, identity, spiritualty and country. We talk about equality and how important and crucial it is but taking back homelands is a form of control. Apologies only mean something if they are genuine and we act on our words.

Organisations such as Recognise have worked hard and long to heighten our awareness about the key issues surrounding constitutional change and they have gone around Australia as an organisation to make ALL Australians aware that we need to move forward as one country. They emphasise that recognition and reconciliation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is important for all Australians. It is important for our country. It is important for us to be seen to have a just and moral compass in the global world.


"We are at last being recognised as the indigenous people of this country whom must share in its future. This is not a day of national mourning for us. We must leave history behind us and look forward."

GALARRWUY YUNUPINGU, 1960-2010 Australians of the Year, Wendy Lewis


We must acknowledge mistakes made in the past and move forward recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders. To move forward as a unified Australia we must fully recognise the First People of this nation. No more dishing out empty apologies. We must show reconciliation, recognition and equality towards the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. We have to make a change. Discrimination has been going on for too long now and it is time to step up and make a positive change for the better. The first step is changing the Australian Constitution so it recognises all Australians as equals.


Da Vinci Decathlon

Marietta Stents
Year 7F


On Thursday 7 May, sixteen Genazzano Year Seven students were fortunate to travel to MLC for the da Vinci Decathlon. The Decathlon was an academic gala day where students from different schools were invited to compete against each other in a range of different subjects. There were twenty-two teams and Genazzano had two teams. The Decathlon’s theme for the day was ‘Place.’

The day was separated into three parts and different disciplines ran at each time. The first session included English, Science and Cartography. The teams sat at circular tables which allowed for easy conversation amongst the team. As the day progressed, our team found that the subjects became more challenging.

The next session included Philosophy, Maths and Creative Producers. In this session, Ella McEvoy and I participated in Creative Producers; we were given ten minutes to create a sixty second performance to the song, ‘What a Wonderful World.’ This experience was fun but at the same time a little scary. I was nervous before the Creative Producers performance due to the short time allowed for preparation. In the end, I think we did a good job incorporating the theme with the lyrics of the song.

The final session included Engineering and Code breaking. I participated in Engineering and our task was to create a structure that would fit into and be used by a certain place. Our team decided to build a skyscraper, which would fit in with the Melbourne city. Our design was unique because inside the structure, we had made a cone to help the skyscraper stand and not cave in on itself.

I was extremely happy with our team’s efforts. We tried our best in all the disciplines. The day was such a learning experience and I learnt a lot on the day and enjoyed answering the questions from each subject. I have also learnt a lot through the Wednesday lunchtime sessions we had with Mrs Bendall, where we looked at past Decathlon questions to improve our knowledge. Through these sessions, I learnt what each subject involved and about philosophy, which was new to me. Mr Watt also provided so much knowledge that assisted me in the Decathlon and I am extremely grateful to him and Mrs Bendall for giving up their time in preparing us for the Decathlon. I would also like to congratulate the other Gen team, who came third overall and advanced to the finals.

The second Genazzano team progressed to the State final which was held on Tuesday 26 May. While the eight students in this team did not progress through to the National Final in Sydney, they were very successful on the day, coming first in the State in English, second in Philosophy and third in General Knowledge.


The members of this team were:

Emily Crough, Olivia Stoney, Amy Paolini; Kathleen Pereira; Amelia Johnston, Amelia Grounds, Chelsea Kwan and Giulia Scenna.



Congratulation girls!


Mrs Bendall
Learning Enhancement Teacher





We are pleased to relaunch the Friends of Genazzano singing group (SingGEN)



Come one, come all…

No need to read music! No previous singing experience required! Come and sing with US!

This is a group set up to have FUN and bring together parents, alumnae, College staff and friends of Genazzano. The is a community singing group open to all adults who would like to join. Please come along, catch up with friends, meet some new people – sing and laugh together! Singing is good for the soul and “there is safety in numbers” as they say.

Led by Shaun Islip, the group will meet weekly to sing a range of music, including some by contemporary artists such as Adele, Coldplay and some “old” favourites by the Beatles, Elton John and Billy Joel. The array of musical options is endless and you can make some requests as we go along.


Time: 7.00-8.30pm

Commencing Wednesday 29 April and will run approximately 8 weeks

*Cost: $10 – pay at the door

Venue: Wardell Theatre


If you have any questions please contact Amanda


*The fee is to cover the cost for our Singing Group Leader (Shaun Islip); any funds raised in excess of the Group Leader costs will be directed to the work of the FCJ Sisters in Asia/Australia and to the College’s East Timor Project.


Social Rowing

Genazzano Social Rowing
‘Learn to Row’

Would you like to try rowing?
No prior experience necessary!
The Genazzano Rowing Club is offering a 4 week ‘Learn to Row’ Program, starting this Sunday 24 May. The program is open to all parents, past parents, alumnae and friends of the College. 
Gather 3 friends to form a crew or we can set you up in a crew.
Please see below for further details about the program. 

We look forward to seeing you down at the River.

Dates: Sunday 24 and 31 May and Sunday 14 and 21 June
(no sessions on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend)
Time: Week 1 - 90 minutes: 10.15am-11.45am
Following 3 weeks are 60 minutes: 10.15am-11.15am
Venue: Gen/Xavier Rowing Sheds
2 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn (under the bridge, where Bridge/Burwood Rd crosses the Yarra river)
Cost: $100 per person – includes experienced coach and all equipment 
Enquiries Madi Huysing
Mobile: 0428 862 102

LitFest Dinner 2015

Dinner with Martin Flanagan

6.30pm, Thursday 11 June 2015

The Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts
Genazzano FCJ College
301 Cotham Road, Kew

$30 per Adult and $25 per Student

Announcement of the winners of the Xavier College and Genazzano FCJ College Year 9 short Story Competition.

To reserve your ticket please book online at

Bookings close Friday 5 June 2015.

Enquiries to: Dr Susan La Marca on 8862 1085 or


GMA Annual Ball

Saturday 29 August



This year’s Annual Ball will be held at Zinc, Federation Square on Saturday 29 August. Come along to this night of fun, great food, great company and lots of dancing. You can join a Year level table or create your own. Invitations will be mailed out at the beginning of Term 3. Ticketing inquiries to Johanna Nesbitt at

By now you would have received raffle tickets to our major raffle, which is an important fundraising activity of the Ball. The winners of all four prizes will be drawn on the night. The amazing prizes include:

1st Prize:

Airfares to any Destination:

Prize includes two return economy airfares (to the value of $4,800) and complimentary return transfers by private chauffeur from the prize-winner’s home to Melbourne Airport (conditions apply). Donated by Genazzano Mothers’ Association with $1,200 of the value of the prize donated by Surrey Travel with Jacqui Bendall.

Approx. value $5,000.



2nd Prize:

Apple MacBook Air:

Light and durable enough to take everywhere you go, the 11 inch Mac Book Air features include a 1.6GHz dual-Core i5, 4GB memory and 128GB drive capacity. Donated by Reflex Technology Group.

Approx. value $1,179.



3rd Prize:

Dinner for 2:

Enjoy dinner for two at the Italian inspired Centonove, Kew.  Awarded a chef’s hat for three consecutive years, you will indulge in the fresh, contemporary dishes of this sophisticated and friendly restaurant. Donated by Centonove.

Approx. value $200.



4th Prize:

Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband:

Make fitness a lifestyle.  Track your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep. Sync your stats wirelessly. See program on your smartphone or computer. Donated by RH Sports.

Approx. value $129.

Raffle inquiries to Cathy Frawley at:

If you would like to contribute in any way, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Debbie O’Halloran or Johanna

All proceeds from our Oriental Nights Ball will go towards the building works in accordance with the College’s 2020 Vision and Master Plan.




GLS Breakfast
Wednesday 2 September, 7.00am

Outstanding Alumna of the Year Awards Evening
Tuesday 15 September, 6.00pm


News from the College


Faith and Mission

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


2015 Timor Leste Immersion

2015 Timor Leste Immersion Students

Our Immersion Trip to Timor Leste is now over, a fact which brings us sadness. We met such beautiful, hospitable and genuine people during our time overseas, but after a mere ten days, we found ourselves back on the plane returning to Melbourne. Yet, these ten days were filled with amazing people, places and experiences; the most profound of these experiences was meeting and learning from the Timorese people.

The children were so infectiously full of life, positivity, compassion and affection. The time we spent making bracelets, kicking a soccer ball or just holding each other’s hands helped us to form strong bonds and learn to take on these desirable qualities. These values were also present in the adults we encountered, who were so knowledgeable and dedicated - we learnt about acceptance, culture, customs, strength and how to treat others with respect.

There were two significant aspects of the Immersion that were the most astounding: the profound faith and the mind-set of the people. Each hymn sung at the five o’clock mass at Laga Parish was so powerful; even the small children understood and participated in the mass. We were inspired to focus intently and found ourselves witnessing belief in God in a new and moving way. We also noticed how these people were so happy, but had so little, and our society has so much, but we are angry and stressed a lot of the time. We will try to implement these values in our lives and encourage others to do the same.  

Our Immersion Trip to Timor Leste is now over, but our endeavours for fundraising and returning the incredible favours we were given are only just beginning.


The 2015 Long Walk

Marea Lanki
Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Twenty-five staff and students from Genazzano gathered at Federation Square to participate in the Long Walk on Saturday 30 May. Students from Year 7 to 11 joined the thousands who participated on this walk to acknowledge and recognise the contribution Aboriginal people have made in our country. On this cool but beautiful evening there was an air of celebration and solidarity as we recognised the First People of our Nation.

On 21 November, 2004 Michael Long embarked on an historic trek; walking from his home in the suburbs of Melbourne all the way to Parliament House in Canberra – more than 650 kilometres away. After returning home from yet another Aboriginal funeral, Michael decided that something needed to be done about the plight of his people. He took it upon himself to get Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues back on the national agenda and resolved to meet with Prime Minister John Howard to discuss his concerns… even if he had to walk all the way to Canberra to do it.

Michael was joined on the road by Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal supporters from all over Australia. Michael's ‘Long Walk’ became a mission of hope. When he heard about this amazing journey, the Prime Minister agreed to meet Michael when he arrived in Canberra. The Long Walk officially came to an end on 2 December, 2004.

It was wonderful that Genazzano could be part of this historic event that still has as much significance today as it did when it began eleven years ago.


Worawa Sports Reconciliation Carnival

Marea Lanki
Aboriginal Liaison Officer

Eight students represented  Genazzano in a Netball round robin at Worawa Aboriginal College on Tuesday 26 May. In recognition of Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week, many schools joined the Worawa students in a day of fun and celebration. The day commenced with a Welcome to Country and a special greeting to all the Worawa’s partnership schools by Aunty Lois Peeler.  It was a day for our students to catch up with old friends and make new ones. The Genazzano team reached the semi-finals but were knocked out by the champions on the day, Shelford College.  The participants were recognised for their support and contribution with a special medal from Worawa College.



Early Years News

Jacqueline Horgan
Director of Early Years


Amazing discoveries are happening at Grange Hill as the students continue to explore their Inquiry topics. The Year 4’s have been investigating the changing surfaces of the earth and have created a layered model of our planet using plasticine that they then cut into two hemispheres to uncover what lay underneath their earth’s crust. With recent earthquakes in Nepal and volcanic eruptions in Japan, the girls are making connections to what is happening in the world around them in real time, which adds to their authentic learning.

The Year 3 girls together with a student from Year 4 and Year 5 had a delightful evening receiving the Sacrament of Penance. In all, eighteen girls received the sacrament with five girls making the journey with them. A special thank you to Fr Peter Malone MSC and Fr Glenn De Cruz CSsR for celebrating with us and ensuring that the evening was such a special and memorable one for the girls. 

In Year 2, the girls continue to explore the water cycle and have been exploring ways to conserve water at home. They have come up some with very interesting suggestions to help save or recycle water. The future of our planet is indeed in good hands!

The Prep to Year 1’s once again put on a fantastic Assembly, telling us about rain and the water cycle. They have also been exploring the concept of fairy tales and entertained us with their re-telling of beloved stories including, The Billy Goat’s Gruff, Henny Penny and the Three Little Pigs.  The Prep to Year 1 performances are always a show-stopper - well done to all!


Important Dates for your Diary

8 June

Queen’s Birthday Holiday

9 June

Correction Day (Student Free Day)

12 June

Swimming: Lifesaving class

16 June

Story telling night 6.00pm

18 June

Anna Walker Workshops

19 June

Music Master Class, 9.00am


Term 2 concludes at 3.25pm

13 July

Term 3 commences

Later Years News

VCE News - The GAT – Wednesday 10 June

The General Achievement Test (GAT) will take place on Wednesday 10 June 2015 and will be held in Centenary Hall. All students undertaking a Unit 3/4 study are required to sit the GAT. Students will assemble in the Atrium 40 minutes before the commencement of the GAT, which will commence at 10.00am and conclude by 1.15pm. Year 11 students not undertaking a Unit 3/4 study are not required at the College on this day.

Students are reminded to read the rules for conduct in VCAA exams prior to the GAT on 10 June.

and other publications:



VCE Units 1/2 Australian and Global Politics State Parliament Excursion

Rachael Kay
Year 11


On Tuesday 5 May, the Year 10 and 11 students from the Units 1/2 Politics class ventured to State Parliament to witness the announcement of the State Budget. We were given a tour of the Legislative Assembly and Council by the MP for Bass and Genazzano father, Mr Brian Paynter. He stressed the importance of female representation in politics, encouraging us to become more involved in the democratic opportunities available to us. He detailed the necessity of defending political beliefs of personal importance through taking advantage of our democratic processes - our current topic of study. He gave us insight into his daily activities and responsibilities as a politician, highlighting his desire to accurately represent his electorate. We were also fortunate to meet Christine Fyffe, the MP for Evelyn, who emphasised how being a pluralist society means that it is crucial to have a variety of different sorts of people participating in politics to ensure that a wider proportion of citizens are being represented.

We concluded our excursion with a vigorous discussion and lunch with Tim Smith, the MP for Kew, who answered our queries about the Australian Parliamentary processes. A highlight of the tour included viewing both Question Time and the Opposition Party meeting room.


Careers News

Judy O’Donohue
Careers Advisor


University Guide for Parents

There are a number of great publications put out by a range of organisations - and universities are very good at helping to keep schools, parents and students in the loop. Deakin University has a new publication which contains information to help you, as parents with daughters in VCE and the later years, understand all about university including, how to apply, terminology, costs, accommodation, pathways and so much more. Please go to this link and have a look at this document which can be used for all students, whether applying for Deakin or other tertiary providers.


Subject Selection

To support your daughter with subject selection, it is can be helpful to discuss with her the importance of choosing subjects that she is good at and that she enjoys, once pre-requisite subjects are chosen. It can be difficult to know all the requirements that Tertiary providers expect students to have to get into their courses. For current Year 11 students, this information is published on the VTAC website  underVICTER 2017.  For Year 10 students, it will be published on the VTAC website in mid–July under VICTER 2018. (NB: All Year 10 students will receive a one-on-one interview around that time to ensure they have the subjects they need for the courses they might like to apply for, on completing Year 12). 

Students in Years 8-9 need to choose what they are good at and enjoy. Information Sessions will be run in assemblies and at the Subject Selection and Careers Expo on July 15. The Careers Department is also able to assist with any queries around subject selection by email onjudy.o’   or by calling on 8862 1081.


Year 10 Work Experience

All students are now ready to go out on Work Experience during the week of 15 to 19 June.

It is very important that your daughter rings her employer a week before her placement to remind them she is coming, to find out about dress code and lunch instructions and to find out what time and to whom to report on her first day.

Students will be visited by a teacher during the Work Experience week to ensure her safety and see how she is going.

On Thursday 11 June we will have a Year 10 Careers Day where all students will be given a journal to complete whilst on Work Experience and the final instructions needed before going out on placement. We do hope your daughter has an excellent week of learning in a different environment and finds out more about occupations, jobs and the career options available to her.


Year 12 University Applications

All Year 12 students will be supported with their VTAC applications to university during September. To apply to VTAC there is a charge of around $30. (Plus extra for some universities for auditions/interviews). If accounts are not paid students do not receive an ATAR or an offer so it is important that these charges are paid in a timely manner. Your daughter will have up to 12 preferences to put in her application, although may only need 6 to 8. Her dream course must be first, followed by a couple of others of interest and always a safety net should things not go according to plan. Many courses can be added after the ATAR is received in mid-December.


Online Article: Why is Career Development Important?

This is an interesting article that can help explain why we all need to know about Career Development and how it can make our lives better if we can actively manage our careers and assist our children to do the same.

At Genazzano, we use the five principles of career development mentioned in the article when teaching our students about their own journey and how they can better get to where they want to be in the future.


Other News



Co-curricular News

Catherine Murphy
Director of Co-curricular Programs


Book Club @ Gen

When you think ‘Book Club’, you often just think ‘reading books’. But at Genazzano’s Book Club, it is much more. Book Club @ Gen sees students involved in weekly gatherings from Years 5 to 12. Students meet to share their love of reading and revel in the enjoyment that reading brings. This Term, students had the privilege of selecting books for the College’s Resource Centre on behalf of their peers from ‘The Kids Bookstore’. These books will be circulated through the centre and available for all to read, recommended by their peers. Additionally, students have also enjoyed playing board games inspired by the books, Bookopoly and The Hunger Games.

Some books that students have read this Term include newly released books such as, ‘Ghosts of Heaven’ by Marcus Sedgwick, whilst the senior students have enjoyed classics such as, ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Scott Fitzgerald.  Students have also enjoyed ‘Virals’ by American forensic and crime writer Kathy Reich, and ‘The Year It All Ended’ by Melbourne born, Kirsty Murray.

With LitFest beginning June 10, students involved in Book Club have much to look forward to.  Author Kirsty Murray will be visiting the College to help us celebrate, and a combined afternoon tea with the Xavier Book Club will also be enjoyed by all. The LitFest Dinner, with special guest author Martin Flanagan, will take place on the evening of Thursday 11 June.

To book, please head to:

There’s no better time than during LitFest to come along and join in Book Club @ Gen!


Drama News

Gabrielle Quin
Drama Coordinator

VCE Theatre Studies Performance

Samantha Pereira
Year 11

This year’s Unit 3 performance for the VCE Theatre Studies Class 2015 was the theatrical adaptation of the well–loved novel by Mark Haddon, ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’, adapted for the stage by Simon Stephens. The play is about a young boy, Christopher Boone, who is a gifted mathematician and also lives with high-functioning autism; making his everyday life quite a challenge for him and his family. One night, he finds the neighbour’s dog deceased in the yard and his resulting ‘investigation’ into the dog’s death leads him on a journey of discovery about himself and is family.

The production process initiated with a period of workshops into the movement style called Contact Improvisation with Joey Lehrer, a professional dancer, and we also researched the contexts of contemporary London and autism. We then entered into a period of brainstorming around design possibilities and casting. Our production team pitched ideas and came up with a design brief that attempted to have the audience enter into a psychological space rather than a realistic space. The brief also included the use of a completely white set, actors performing in a physical theatre style, the exciting use of projections to represent some images and words that dominate Christopher’s thinking, and the main character being played by 3 actors simultaneously.

‘The Curious incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ was a challenging performance to tackle as we needed to accurately portray an autistic boy and the way he sees the world, at the same time as presenting the perspectives of the adults whose lives had fallen apart under the pressure of our modern world. We thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and performing our production, using a process of trial, error and discovery to develop our ideas and bring the project to life, complete with costume, make-up, sound and lighting that we designed according to our brief.  We highly valued the assistance of Mrs. Quin, the Drama Department and the support of the College in the creation of our interpretation of this play.



All are welcome to attend the performance of the Year 10 ensemble performance: Admired .The Year 10 Drama students, ably guided by Ms Alison Heard, have devised two group performances around the themes of the narcissism, based on the myth of Echo and Narcissus and utilising other texts such as Euripides’ Medea and Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray. No ticket required for entry so come along to have a good hard look at the culture of self-obsession!

Thursday 11 June, 5.00pm to 6.00pm in the Wardell Theatre.


Bionic Heart Year 9 Creators and Performers Drama Production: 16 and 17 June

Keep your calendar free for an amazing end of Semester theatrical experience! Come see the Year 9 Creators and Performers’ Production in the Wardell Theatre on 16 and 17 June. The name of the production is yet to be revealed - it is all very secret in the laboratory at the moment, but it is shaping up to be a very funny yet dire warning for the future of humankind devised written and performed by our fabulous Year 9 Drama class. Tickets at $5 and $10 - book on Trybooking via the following links: OR


Music News

Jan Blazejczak
Director of Music


Genazzano/Xavier String Workshop and Concert

Chris Kopke
Head of Strings


On Friday 8 May, string students from both Genazzano and Xavier College spent an afternoon of music making in the Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre at Xavier College. Genazzano College’s d’Houet Strings (49 girls) and Xavier College’s Burke Hall Strings (30 boys) combined for several hours of rehearsals and tutorials, presenting an after school concert to parents and friends.

The afternoon was a fantastic opportunity for the students to be exposed to different conductors, a variety of musical ideas and to experience the lush and grand sound of a large string orchestra.

Many thanks to d’Houet Strings’ conductor, Ms. Naomi Wileman and Burke Hall Strings’ conductor, Ms. Anna Kent for their inspiring direction on the day. Thanks also to the string teachers that acted as tutors and support staff for the afternoon; from Genazzano, Mr. Chris Kopke and Mr. James Steendam; from Xavier, Mr. Andrew Schellhorn, Mr. Zolton Balaz and Mr. Nicholas Grunden.



2015 Music Calendar 

View the 2015 Music Calendar here


22nd Annual Flute Ensemble Competition

Mrs Mandy Lyle
Head of Woodwind


Last Sunday 29 May, twenty-eight Genazzano flute students competed at the 22nd Annual Flute Ensemble Competition held at MLC in Kew. We had 10 flute ensembles competing, comprising duets with piano, quartets and large flute ensembles. The competition was held in the  two largest auditoriums at MLC and this meant that we had groups of girls performing often at the same time in either auditorium throughout the day from 8.30am until our final performance, where the 18 and under section ended at 5.00pm.

We are thrilled to announce our results as follows:



Primary Section

B   Duet plus Piano:

  1. Anushi Fernandopulle and Scarlett Swanisbury (Year 6) - FIRST PLACE
  2. Georgia Kanellis and Lucy McColl Jones (Year 6) - SECOND PLACE

  Small Ensemble with Piano:

  1. Genazzano FCJ College Junior Flute Quartet (Anushi Fernandopulle, Scarlett Swainsbury, Georgia Kanellis, Lucy McColl Jones – Year 6) - FIRST PLACE


14 and Under

F   Duet plus Piano:

  1. Stella Shi (Year 9) and Emily Condon (Year 7) – FIRST PLACE
  2. Jessica Bates and Anna Frazer (Year 8) - SECOND PLACE


G   Small Ensemble with Piano:

  1. Genazzano FCJ College Intermediate Flue Quartet (Emily Condon Year 7, Anushi Fernandopulle Year 6, Anna Lewis Year 7, Ella McEvoy Year 7) – FIRST PLACE


16 and Under

J   Duet plus Piano:

  1. Jessica Ting (Year 11) and Samantha Pereira (Year 11) – EQUAL FIRST PLACE (with Scotch College)


L   Large Ensemble:

  1. Genazzano FCJ College Intermediate Flute Ensemble - FIRST PLACE


18 and Under

O   Small Ensemble:

  1. Genazzano FCJ College Senior Flute Quartet (Jessica Ting Year 11, Ella Menzies Year 12, Samantha Pereira Year 11, Stella Shi Year 9) - FIRST PLACE


  Large Ensemble:

  1. Genazzano FCJ College Chamber Flute Ensemble – THIRD PLACE (MLC came 1st and Scotch College 2nd)


The girls who competed in the Intermediate Flute Ensemble are as follows:

Madeleine Anderson- Lucic, Emily Condon, Jessica Bates, Anna Frazer,  Katrina Yang,  Claudia Sayers, Ella Laussen,  Amber Smith,  Anushi Fernandopulle, Stella Shi, Anna Lewis, Ella McEvoy, Erica Hore, Giulia Scopece, Anna Li.


The girls who competed in the Chamber Flute Ensemble are as follows:

Jessica Ting,  Ella Menzies,  Samantha Pereira, Judith Park, Kristina Yang, Stella Shi, Ciara Jackson, Isabella Digiglio, Gia Harris, Julia Yoannidis, Madeleine Anderson-Lucic, Jessica Bates, Anna Frazer, Ciara Hannan.


The other schools that we competed against were as follows:

MLC, Scotch College, Donvale Christian College, St. Kevin's, St. Catherine's School,  Blackburn High School, University High School, De La Salle College, Shelford, Strathmore High School, Princes Hill Secondary College, P.L.C., Eltham High School, Sacre Coeur, Firbank, Strathmore Secondary College, Plenty Valley Christian College.


I would especially like to thank all of our flute students for their dedication and commitment. They all performed confidently and were organised, punctual and looked immaculate.

I would also like to thank Jodie Lockyer for her piano accompaniment throughout the majority of the Genazzano Flute ensembles, and for her work with the girls and myself in the lead up to the competition, as well as the Flute Ensembles concert on Friday 27 May.

I would also like to thank Sylvie Leprohon, Paula Rae, Geraldine Lucic and Katherine Younane for helping with supervision throughout the day. They were a fantastic help and support to myself and all of the girls.


Sport News

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport


Netball Premiers

Congratulations to our Senior A Netball team who became GSV A Grade Premiers for 2015 on Monday night at the Waverley Netball Centre. The team, coached by Mrs Sarndra Kennerley (College Netball Co-ordinator), came through quarter and semi-finals before facing a very tough rival in the Grand Final. Throughout a tight tussle, the Gen girls managed to stay a goal or two ahead and weathered a strong last quarter surge from their opponents.  The final score of 33-30 saw Gen crowned as GSV Premiers! Congratulations to  Gemma Sibillin (Captain), Alice Quinlan, Emma O’Shaughnessy, Eliza Straford, Anna McMeel, Isobel Anderson, Cecilia Stewart, Molly Paul, Lucy Davies and Caity Nesbitt. 


GSV Netball - Finals

Further to the above story, the Senior D team also qualified for the Grand Final in their division, but unfortunately lost 29-26. A good effort nonetheless by the self-appointed “Dream Team”.

This week and next, a number of our Inter and Junior Netball teams are competing in GSV finals. We wish them all the best.


GSV Cross Country

The GSV Championship Carnival on Friday 29 May at Bundoora Park saw a determined team of 36 runners striving to perform their best among race fields of more than 240 runners.  Highlights of the day were undoubtedly the 1st place overall of Molly McCarthy in the Junior event and the Senior team winning the Division 2 age-group trophy. Congratulations to all athletes who competed and special thanks to coaches Ben Ashkettle, Grace Kalac and Monica Clarke.


SSV News

Two months after training for SSV Cross Country commenced, 39 girls from Year 3 to 6 travelled to Kooyong Park to compete in the District Carnival.  Under 9 and 10 girls ran 2km while Under 11 and 12/13 girls ran a 3km course. Across the four races many girls recorded personal best times.  Well done to all, including the following who placed in the top 20 of their respective races:

  • U9 Aniela Blazejczak 20th  
  • U10 Zara Hughes 12th
  • U11 Kristen Smith 13th, Sophia Lynch 16th, Ruby Vanden Boom 19th
  • U12/13 Abigail Schlicht 20th

Thanks to the casual coaches for helping on the day; especially Miss Monica Clarke for training the girls throughout recent months. Thanks to the many parents who attended and cheered on the girls’ efforts.


Next up, SSV attention is turned to forming a squad for SSV Athletics with the carnival in Week 5 of Term 3.  Please refer to the SSV page on Genspace for information about training and try-outs.


GSV Track and Field 2015

Training for 2015 commenced on Thursday 4 June afters chool here at the College with an introductory session from 3.45pm to 4.30pm.

All interested students, plus all previous squad members in Years 8 to 12, are warmly invited to come along and meet the 2015 coaching team; highlighted by new Head Coaches Miss Jaime Wallace and Miss Kylie Williams.

We especially look forward to seeing lots of keen new Year 7 athletes. Following the introductory session, training will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Friday mornings. Please see GenSpace for a training schedule and Permission Letter.


2015 Vic School Cycling Championships

Students interested in accessing information regarding this opportunity (October 9-11) should go to

Genazzano ‘Friends of Sport’

The Friends of Sport is an informal group, committed to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of students through physical activity.  The Friends of Sport group meet regularly throughout the year and extend an open invitation to interested parents to attend.

For further details please contact Chair, Mr John King, at or 0418 383 664.


Genazzano Sport Office 

Please note that the Sport Office is located on the ground floor of the Wardell building (WG101).  The office is staffed by Miss Melonie Fulton (Sports Administrator) and the phone number is 8862 1008. Alternatively, email


2015 Term Dates

Term 2


Monday 8 June

Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday

Student & Staff Free Day (ELC – Year 12)

Tuesday 9 June

Student Free Day (ELC – Year 12)

Friday 19 June

Last day of Term



Term 3


Monday 13 July

Staff and students return

Monday 3 August

Student Free Day (changed from 27 July)

Thursday 17 September

Last day of Term

Friday 18 September

Parent/Teacher Interviews



Term 4


Monday 5 October

Staff and students return

Friday 4 December

Last day of Term

Friday 11 December

Teaching staff and Category B staff conclude

Friday 18 December

Category C staff conclude

Wednesday 23 December

Category A staff conclude

2016 Term Dates

Term 1 (8 weeks)


Monday 25 January

All staff return

Tuesday 26 January

Australia Day Holiday

Friday 29 January

New students commence

Monday 1 February

All students commence

Wednesday 10 February

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 23 March

Students finish

Thursday 24 March

Holy Thursday - Staff PL day



Term 2 (10 weeks)


Monday 11 April

Staff and students return

Friday 17 June

Last day of term



Term 3 (10 weeks)


Monday 11 July

Staff return

Tuesday 12 July

Students return

Friday 16 September

Last day of term



Term 4 (9 weeks)


Monday 3 October

Staff and students return

Friday 9 December

Students conclude

Tuesday 20 December

All staff conclude

GFA News

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


As we journey through the final days of Term 2 towards the middle of 2015, we can indeed reflect on what has been a great year so far for the GFA…

The last of our Father/Daughter Masses was held for the Middle Years (5-8) and was well attended by Dads, Grandfathers, Mums and siblings. Our total attendance for our 2015 masses has so far come to more than 250, with close to $1,000 raised for the FCJ Sister’s overseas missions.

We also created further opportunities in Term 2 to spend time with our daughters through the Father/Daughter camps for Years 7 and 8, and the completion of the epic journey that was, The Fathers’ Steps, which is now open for all to enjoy! Make sure you spend some special time together with your daughter at this location, as the Fathers’ Steps signifies a true gift from all Gen Fathers to their daughters; not only a gift for today, but one to denote the significant contribution from all past Fathers, and the ones that will follow into the future of our College.

Father's Steps


We brought together Genazzano Fathers at a number of events including, the GFA Greetings BBQ, GFA monthly meetings, and the GFA Winemaker’s Dinner –we certainly have had some fun – it is always great to connect with Dads at these times, and particularly special to have the chance to meet first time faces!

The Year 7 GFA Camp was held last weekend and a total of 77 Dads and daughters gathered early on Saturday afternoon down at the beautiful location of Anglesea. The camp went off with a bang - everyone settled in well and got straight into the activities. We were blessed with the weather clearing up, leading into a pleasant evening under the stars and around the camp fire. The trivia show was fantastic, as the host got everyone up and about and entertained us prior to the arrival of pizzas to finish off the night. We woke to fine drizzle Sunday morning but continued on with the fun activities. A great weekend was enjoyed by all. Special thanks to our organising team of Patrick Hickey, Chris Curtain, Pete Grounds and Julian di Battista, and to all who attended to make the weekend such a hit!

Year 7 Camp


Coming up in Term 3…

  • Year 5/6 GFA Father/Daughter Camp, weekend of 24-25 July – this will be held at Mt Eliza (Saturday PM start) and is your first opportunity to experience the thrill of a GFA camp with your daughter! Bookings now open at:
  • Gen Outback, Saturday 1 August – touted as the ELC to Year 6 family social event of the year! Bring the whole family along for a night of Aussie Outback entertainment, competitions, raffles, and of course, our famous GFA Sausage sizzle! $40 per family, BYO picnic hamper and drinks.
  • GFA Kew Traffic School, Sunday 9 August – a fun-filled morning (9.15 – 11.15am) at a great location for Dads and their daughters in Years Prep to 1.
  • GFA Year 9 Ten-Pin Bowling, Sunday 16 August – spend some one-on-one time with your Year 9 daughter and other Gen Dads with a quick bowl, nibbles and drinks.


GFA 2015 Sponsorship Opportunities – now is the time to act!

The GFA is still seeking Corporate Sponsors through opportunities for broad promotion across the College community. If you would like further information or want to assist the GFA in achieving our aim of "making a difference", please email:


Are you receiving GFA emails?

There is no better way for the GFA to keep Dads up-to-date with what is happening - if we are not reaching you please let me know via email and I will add you to the distribution list:


GFA Meeting

Our next GFA meeting will be held on Wednesday 10 June at 8.00pm in the College Boardroom. I extend a warm invitation to all Gen Fathers to attend – if you haven’t made it to one of our meetings then please come – this is a great opportunity to meet other Dads, provide some input and get involved in the great work of the GFA!

Remember, that to be a Father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference…

GMA News

Debbie O'Halloran
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


Events Held

The Year 8 Mums and daughters enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Fat Penguin on a cold Sunday morning. It was great to see all the girls enjoying themselves, while the Mums tried to catch up with everyone.

Year 8 Mother/Daughter Breakfast



The Year 6 Mums had a great turnout for their coffee morning also at Fat Penguin. This seems to be the popular place for get-togethers, as they are very accommodating for any type of function.


2015 GMA Annual Ball – Oriental Nights

Much of the work we’re currently doing at the GMA is in readiness for our Annual Ball - see further details below. You would have received raffle tickets this week and we ask that you help out by selling as many tickets as possible. I’d like to thank the helpers who joined Cathy Frawley at her home for the working bee to collate the raffle tickets in readiness for the mail out. A very special thank you to Cathy Frawley for coordinating this again.

If your business is interested in being a cash sponsor in return for advertising exposure, or donating a prize for the loud or silent auctions, please contact Johanna Nesbitt or myself.


Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are back due to popular demand, and with some great offers!

They are the same price as last year ($65) and include many new restaurants. Contact Cathy Frawley (0421 010 347 to reserve your copy. This year there will be a hard or a digital copy available.


City-Country Mothers’ Mass and Lunch - Save the Date

Please put Friday 28 August in your diaries and mark with high importance! The annual City-Country Mother's Luncheon is to be held on this date at Fowles Wines in the Strathbogie Ranges. The luncheon has been a highlight of Genazzano and Xavier for many years and is an excellent opportunity to meet other Mum's of the boarders or day students, as well as enjoy fine food, wine and beautiful scenery. More details to follow shortly.


Next Combined Committee and Class Reps Meeting

Monday 27 July at 7.30pm.


Save the Dates for the following events:

Year 2 Mum’s Dinner

Friday 12 June

Year 3 Coffee Morning

Friday 12 June

Year 1 Parent’s Dinner

Saturday 13 June

(please note date change)

ELC Diamond Valley Miniature Railway

Sunday 14 June

Year 6 Mother/Daughter Bowling

Sunday 14 June

Prep Movie Morning

Sunday 21 June

Year 12 Mother/Daughter Weekend

Weekend 18 – 19 July


This year’s Annual Ball will be held at Zinc, Federation Square on Saturday 29 August. Come along to this night of fun, great food, great company and lots of dancing. You can join a Year level table or create your own. Invitations will be mailed out at the beginning of Term 3. Ticketing inquiries to Johanna Nesbitt at

By now you would have received raffle tickets to our major raffle, which is an important fundraising activity of the Ball. The winners of all four prizes will be drawn on the night. The amazing prizes include:

1st Prize:

Airfares to any Destination:

Prize includes two return economy airfares (to the value of $4,800) and complimentary return transfers by private chauffeur from the prize-winner’s home to Melbourne Airport (conditions apply). Donated by Genazzano Mothers’ Association with $1,200 of the value of the prize donated by Surrey Travel with Jacqui Bendall.

Approx. value $5,000.



2nd Prize:

Apple MacBook Air:

Light and durable enough to take everywhere you go, the 11 inch Mac Book Air features include a 1.6GHz dual-Core i5, 4GB memory and 128GB drive capacity. Donated by Reflex Technology Group.

Approx. value $1,179.



3rd Prize:

Dinner for 2:

Enjoy dinner for two at the Italian inspired Centonove, Kew.  Awarded a chef’s hat for three consecutive years, you will indulge in the fresh, contemporary dishes of this sophisticated and friendly restaurant. Donated by Centonove.

Approx. value $200.



4th Prize:

Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband:

Make fitness a lifestyle.  Track your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes and sleep. Sync your stats wirelessly. See program on your smartphone or computer. Donated by RH Sports.

Approx. value $129.

Raffle inquiries to Cathy Frawley at:

If you would like to contribute in any way, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Debbie O’Halloran or Johanna

All proceeds from our Oriental Nights Ball will go towards the building works in accordance with the College’s 2020 Vision and Master Plan.



Uniform Shop

The uniform shop will be open on Tuesdays during term time to our College community.

Opening are hours are 8.00am to 11.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm.

All enquires can be directed to or 8862 1034.


Community News

World Refugee Week Film Night


Student Tutoring Opportunity –

Italian, Legal Studies & Business Management

Ciao ragazze! My name is Alana Balassone and I am a Genazzano Alumna from the class of 2008 and am an Arts/Commerce graduate with Honours in Italian. I am currently doing my Diploma of Education in Secondary Education and would love to provide private tutoring to any of current Genazzano girls who need further assistance in Italian, Legal Studies or Business Management. I have experience in tutoring and have assisted Signora Costa with VCE Italian Oral Workshops in recent years. I am available to tutor at your home or wherever is convenient. Please feel free to contact me on 0425 720 927 or via email Grazie!


Parent Information Forum -

Managing Anxiety and Worries (8-13 Years)