Newsletter - Edition 6-2015

News from the Principal


Dear Parents,

During this week, also known as Family Week we have been involved with two wonderful events at the College that underline the importance of Mothers and Fathers in our lives.

On Tuesday evening we blessed and opened the beautiful terraced area on the west of the Madeleine Centre that will be known as the Fathers’ Steps. This has been a major initiative of the Genazzano Fathers Association who have raised $150,000 towards the project.  We are most grateful for many individual donations and the collective work of the GFA at fundraising events - golf days, footy finals lunch and the winemakers’ dinner. There also have been a significant number of private donations towards this appeal for which we are most grateful. This beautiful terraced area is so named to recognise the special relationship between fathers and their daughters or grandfathers or special father figures in our students’ lives.  My thanks to Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission, Lila McInerney and College Chaplain, Father Brendan Reed, for the beautiful liturgy of blessing.

Working with the College, the GFA supported the idea of completing the final piece of landscaping for the Madeleine Centre. Since the Centre’s completion, we have envisioned this area to be developed as a space that could be used for events such as liturgies, plays, presentations, Christmas carols and social events. This was just a dream to us when we dropped doors and windows into the back of the stage when the Madeleine Centre was first designed. And now it is here and the first stage is complete, and it will provide a wonderful place for passive recreation, possible outdoor classroom-type activities and oval activity viewing. These steps will be a significant part of the campus, and provide the College Community with many wonderful opportunities for learning and recreation in the many years to come.

The following words (penned by past GFA President Christopher Jones) are etched into a step in the area:


“In this place friendships will be born that will endure for a lifetime.

Through shared experiences young girls will grow into women.

This is a space that will witness great performances and deeds, while

also providing a place of calm and reflection.”


The Fathers Steps – A gift from the Fathers of Genazzano.


I would like to thank past GFA presidents who were heavily involved in the planning of this project: Christopher Jones; Mike Lescai; Nicholas Psyhogios; Neville Drake; and Rob Bischof both in his previous role as Vice President and this year as President has been an enthusiastic backer of the project. We were fortunate to be able to have engaged excellent contractors in 2Construct Pty Ltd, Taylor Cullity Lethlean Landscape Architects, Prowse Quantity Surveyors and Hayball Architects.

Further, my thanks are extended to Lindy Priest, Chair of College Council and Committee Chairs Kevin Frawley (Infrastructure and Sustainability) and Kathy Bowlen (Fundraising and Development). The Council resolved to extend the steps project to incorporate some additional works adjacent to the Moreton Bay Fig and to improve the general access to the oval.  This has led to a much bigger project, but one that will be enjoyed by students and families for many generations to come.

I am most grateful for the work of the College Property Manager, Ian Curnow, and the Head of Grounds, Ross Shearer, for their work in supervising the project. Ian and Ross have been committed to this idea and have worked very hard to ensure that it would become a reality. To Ross and the Grounds Team I also thank you for your recent efforts to undertake the soft landscape works and offer appreciation in advance for the work you are now undertaking to complete the additional extension works to the project.  And enormous thanks are extended to Mark Glover, our Business Manager who has so wisely and carefully led the project for us.

On Wednesday evening, along with the Genazzano Mothers’ Association, the College welcomed more than 350 students, sisters, mothers and grandmothers to the celebration of the Mothers’ Day Mass and Supper celebrated by Father Brendan Reed. It is important for us to take time out of our lives to celebrate this way together in thanksgiving for the mothers in our lives and for all who have nurtured and mothered us over the years. We offer thanks to the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus for the special role they have played at Genazzano and throughout the world responding to the needs of women and men. 

I do hope that you will join us for the Year 12 Theatre Studies Production of “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night time” to be held in the Montagner Auditorium next week on 13, 14 and 15 May.  Very best wishes are extended to our very talented students who have worked very hard and enthusiastically under the careful direction of Ms Gabrielle Quin.


We pray for the recently deceased:

  • Dr. Richard Case, husband of Brenda (McMahon 1947) and father of Fiona (1975) and Kathryn (1977)

  • Paul Di Battista, grandfather of Natalie (Year 7) and Monica (Year 12) and father of Julian Di Battista

  • Jacqueline Cowling dearly loved wife of Josh Cowling, mother of Matilda, daughter of Janet and Michael Richards, sister of Kelly (dec.) dearly loved daughter-in-law of Trish and Paul Cowling.

We also pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world; and members of our community who are ill at this time.



Patricia A Cowling




Family Week Prayer

God of love and compassion,

In Jesus you show us the way to live.

Help us to open our hearts to all people so that God’s love

and generosity may flow into our families

and our local and world communities.

We ask this through Jesus, Your Son.



Latest News


School Bus Route 159

Mark Glover
Business Manager

Changes to School Route 159 Timetable (Warrandyte – Kew Schools) 

From Monday 18 May, Route 159 bus will operate to a different timetable


As you may be aware, Route 159 bus travels between Warrandyte to Kew. 

Transdev has altered the arrival time of the bus at some stops in-between Warrandyte Bridge and Mont Albert Road, to ensure the bus is able to arrive at schools on time.  Previously, buses were required to wait up to six minutes at Deep Creek Reserve in order to leave at their scheduled departure time.  These six minutes have instead been reallocated to deal with traffic along Mont Albert Road.

The revised timetable is below.  Please note it has also been uploaded onto Transdev’s website (


Timetable 159 reviewed

Warrandyte Bridge

7.10 am

Deep Creek Reserve

7.18 am

Landscape Drive

7.25 am

Victoria Street

7.34 am

Doncaster SC

7.41 am

Elgar Road

7.51 am

Belgravia Avenue

7.54 am

Belmore Road

8.00 am

Fintona Girls School

8.06 am

Camberwell Grammar School

8.14 am

Camberwell Girls Grammar

8.17 am

Carey Baptist Grammar

8.22 am

Genazzano College

8.26 am


Spirit of Anzac

Premier's Spirit of Anzac Prize

Natalie Barbazza
Year 10

In the Term 1 school holidays, I travelled on a life changing pilgrimage to Lemnos, Gallipoli, Çannakale and the Western Front on a study tour called the Premier’s Spirit of Anzac Prize.

The prize is a competition run by the Victorian Government open to all Year 9 and 10 students who wish to enter it. The entries gained every year include essays, stories, poems, videos, audio, artwork and music. The entries must answer a question regarding the renowned Anzac Spirit.

Upon hearing about the competition, I was eager to enter as the top twelve entries were given the opportunity to travel to famous sites of World War I; throughout Lemnos, Gallipoli, Çannakale and the Western Front. The opportunity to visit these remarkable and infamous sites would be an incredible experience, especially seeing as it was the centenary of the Gallipoli landing. I submitted into the competition a ten-minute video explaining what I believed the Anzac Spirit to be, and how it is relevant to Australians today, one hundred years on.

I was overwhelmed with surprise and excitement when I received a phone call, which was a few days short of Christmas, explaining that I had won the prize, and I was to travel to those important sites on the fourteen-day study tour. It was such an honour to be able to represent Genazzano as I travelled through the sites of World War I with the State Government.

From the sites of the Nurse Stations in Lemnos and the tranquillity of the breathtaking Gallipoli Peninsula, to the seaside city of Çannakale and the man-made hills of the French and Belgian countryside, the trip was a life changing one. The trip also included visits to a collection of Military Cemeteries (memorials to both unknown soldiers and the countries that served) and famous battle sites such as Hill 60.

An iconic moment from the trip was at Menin Gate in Belgium. Every night there is a Last Post Ceremony for the fallen soldiers at this remarkable location. Our tour group were privileged enough to lay a wreath and sing the Australian National Anthem at this ceremony in front of the many other countries who came to the service.

In Pozieres, France, I was also able to commemorate a local Anzac who served and died in The Great War for Australia.

Walking in the Anzacs footsteps and having the opportunity to witness these important sites put into perspective the sacrifices our Anzacs made a century ago. They left our country and travelled to the other side of the world to fight in The Great War against unknown enemies. Sons, fathers, uncles and brothers - regular men - were transformed in a short time to become soldiers for our country.

Our Anzacs sacrificed their lives for ours. They journeyed across the world so that we could have the opportunity to live in a country that was free of oppression and violence. Their selfless actions performed on the battlefield and in between the fighting reflects the spirit that we want to nurture and endure in our nation today.  I couldn’t be more proud to be an Australian, as our character and land was shaped by these noble Anzacs, who even though they may not be here today, still live on in every one of our hearts.

Anzac Cove Beach

Hill 60

Laying a wreath at the Lone Pine Memorial in Gallipoli

Menin Gate

Natalie in Gallipoli

Perth Cemetery

The Nek in Gallipoli

Tour Group at Lone Pine Memorial with the Australian Consul-General
to Çannakale Mr Nicholas Serg

Turkish Memorial Çannakale

Morning Liturgies at Genazzano

As a College we are inviting all involved in our College community to join us in prayer for two significant occasions:

For Pentecost there will be a liturgy in the College Chapel on Friday 22 May from 8.15-8.25am.

To celebrate National Reconciliation Week there will be a liturgy in the College Chapel on Wednesday 27 May from 8.15-8.25am.

All members of the Genazzano FCJ College community are welcome to join us for these special liturgies.


Socks wanted for Soup Van

By St Vincent de Paul Student Group

The next focus for the St Vincent de Paul group is to support the St Vincent de Paul’s Winter Appeal and this begins next week with eight students and two staff assisting on a soup van. Students are seeking donations of socks to distribute while helping out on the soup van and any donations would be appreciated – new or used in good condition. Any donations can be dropped into student reception.


Message from the Health Centre

Virginia Boyce
College Nurse



Winter is fast approaching and with it comes the ‘cold and flu season’. Although there is a vast difference in the symptoms of the common cold and influenza, both are easily spread when an infected person coughs or sneezes, small virus containing droplets into the air. The virus can also last up to 8 hours on hard surfaces. For this reason we must be vigilant with good hand hygiene and cough etiquette. Tissues and hand sanitiser are provided in and around the classroom to assist with this practice and hand washing is essential after using tissues.

If your child is unwell with cold, coughing or influenza it is important that she remains at home in order to recover. Influenza does not discriminate and even fit and healthy adults can be affected   but the good news is that it is not too late to be immunised. The vaccine costs under $20 and is free for some members of our community.  More information regarding flu vaccines can be found at:



Another common problem that does not discriminate is head lice. Every now and then we have a report of head lice in our community so it is vital that parents regularly check their child’s hair for lice. Practical and helpful information on how to look for and treat head lice is available


Uniform Shop

The uniform shop will be open on Tuesdays during term time to our College community.

Opening are hours are 8.00am to 11.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm.

All enquires can be directed to or 8862 1034.




2016 Term Dates

Term 1 (8 weeks)


Monday 25 January

All staff return

Tuesday 26 January

Australia Day Holiday

Friday 29 January

New students commence

Monday 1 February

All students commence

Wednesday 10 February

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 23 March

Students finish

Thursday 24 March

Holy Thursday - Staff PL day



Term 2 (10 weeks)


Monday 11 April

Staff and students return

Friday 17 June

Last day of term



Term 3 (10 weeks)


Monday 11 July

Staff return

Tuesday 12 July

Students return

Friday 16 September

Last day of term



Term 4 (9 weeks)


Monday 3 October

Staff and students return

Friday 9 December

Students conclude



We are pleased to relaunch the Friends of Genazzano singing group (SingGEN)



Come one, come all…

No need to read music! No previous singing experience required! Come and sing with US!

This is a group set up to have FUN and bring together parents, alumnae, College staff and friends of Genazzano. The is a community singing group open to all adults who would like to join. Please come along, catch up with friends, meet some new people – sing and laugh together! Singing is good for the soul and “there is safety in numbers” as they say.

Led by Shaun Islip, the group will meet weekly to sing a range of music, including some by contemporary artists such as Adele, Coldplay and some “old” favourites by the Beatles, Elton John and Billy Joel. The array of musical options is endless and you can make some requests as we go along.


Time: 7.00-8.30pm

Each Wednesday (for approximately 8 weeks)

*Cost: $10 – pay at the door

Venue: Wardell Theatre


If you have any questions please contact Amanda


*The fee is to cover the cost for our Singing Group Leader (Shaun Islip); any funds raised in excess of the Group Leader costs will be directed to the work of the FCJ Sisters in Asia/Australia and to the College’s East Timor Project.


Parent Forum

It is with great pleasure that I invite you to our Term 2 Parent Forum. These conversations provide the perfect opportunity for our community to share information and learn more about College life and new initiatives.

We will have our Deputy Principal, Student Learning and Wellbeing, speak to you about our restorative practices at the College.  


Date: Thursday 28 May 2015

Time: 8.45am – 10.00am

Venue: The Furlan Exhibition Hall


I encourage you to come along and be part of this forum. By working together, we can make our great school an even better one.

To register, please email your RSVP to by Tuesday 26 May 2015.


LitFest Dinner 2015

Dinner with Martin Flanagan

6.30pm, Thursday 11 June 2015

The Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts
Genazzano FCJ College
301 Cotham Road, Kew

$30 per Adult and $25 per Student

Announcement of the winners of the Xavier College and Genazzano FCJ College Year 9 short Story Competition.

To reserve your ticket please book online at

Bookings close Friday 5 June 2015.

Enquiries to: Dr Susan La Marca on 8862 1085 or


GMA Annual Ball

Saturday 29 August

Planning has begun for this year’s GMA Ball which will be bigger and better than ever! The greatest social and fundraising event of the year is being coordinated by Johanna Nesbitt with a very enthusiastic committee including, Zana Bytheway, Helen Condilis, Sonia Cappellazzo, Julie Douglas, Cathy Frawley, Nadia Peters, Belinda Rotella, Bozena Zembrzuski and Debbie O’Halloran.

If your business is interested in being a cash sponsor in return for advertising exposure, or donating a prize for the loud or silent auctions, please contact Johanna Nesbitt on or 0418 599 210. Alternatively contact Debbie O’Halloran on



Outstanding Alumna of the Year Awards Evening
Thursday 20 August, 6.00pm

GLS Breakfast
Wednesday 2 September, 7.00am


News from College Executive


From the Deputy Principal

Cathy Jenkins
Deputy Principal


This week’s newsletter presents a wonderful snapshot of the many activities in which our students have been engaged over the past two weeks. As a whole school we have celebrated Gen Day (Friday 24 April) and Family Week (this week).  Students from Prep to Year 12 enjoyed a beautiful Autumn afternoon for the Cross Country last week.

Over the weekend the Stage Band (17 students) attended ‘Generations in Jazz’ held in Mount Gambier. Approximately 3700 of Australia’s most talented musicians, gather for this event, with secondary students from over 100 schools competing in the Stage Band Awards. The students were accompanied by Emily Tarrant, Chris Paraha, Janet Dawson and Jan Blazejczak. We particularly congratulate Dana Riley (Year 12) who received a special mention and was chosen to be part of the Super band in that division.

This week 15 Year 10 students are participating in the Silver Practice Journey of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Accompanied by Lisa O’Halloran and Hayley Simonds the students are hiking from Apollo Bay to Cape Otway (approximately 30kms) with the aim of continuing from Cape Otway to Ryan’s Den (approximately another 30km) for their Qualifying Journey later in the year.

This is also the pre-production week for the VCE Theatre Studies students performances of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. Performances commence at 7.00pm and will be held on Wednesday 13, Thursday 14 and Friday 15 May in the Montagner Auditorium.

In addition to their classroom responsibilities, students have been involved in a number of sporting and music activities and a comprehensive sport report is also included later in this newsletter. Congratulations to all our students for engaging so actively in College life.  


Athletics Carnival

A reminder that the House Athletics Carnival is scheduled for Monday 11 May at Doncaster Athletics Track. The Carnival commences at 9.30am and concludes by 2.30pm so that students can be transported back to school for dismissal. Letters and permission forms were distributed and the letter is also available on GenSpace. Parents are warmly invited to attend and share in this event. In the event of poor weather and we need to cancel the carnival the normal Monday 1 timetable will run at school. We will notify parents of the cancellation of the carnival via text message and there will also be a notice placed on Genspace at 6.30pm.


Medical issues

This time of year brings with it a number of health concerns. Colds and flu spread quickly; so students who are unwell in the morning should, of course, remain at home to rest and return to school only when they are quite recovered. Please also note that students who are not well enough to continue with their learning program and need to go home must be collected by a parent or guardian. College Nurse, Virginia Boyce, (8862 1180) is available to discuss with parents any particular health needs or concerns about their daughters at any time. 

During Food Allergy week (Sunday 17 to Satuday 23 May) we are encouraged to show support of Allergy and Anaphylaxis Australia.  Visit to find out how to become involved in the campaign.


Opening of the Fathers' Steps

On Tuesday evening, Fr Brendan Reed, College Chaplain and Parish Priest of Our Lady of Good Counsel and All Hallows joined with members of the GFA at a blessing and opening ceremony for the Fathers’ Steps. These steps will provide a wonderful gathering place for students of all ages and we thank the Fathers’ Association for their work in this regard.


Mother’s Day

I was pleased to attend the Prep to Year 4 Mother’s Day Assembly today and to also be with the 3 and 4 year old kindergarten children as they welcomed their mothers to the ELC this morning. Mother’s Day offers an opportunity for us to acknowledge and be grateful for the wonderful women in our lives, to share stories and to create new family memories. Thank you also to the GMA for the wonderful celebration on Wednesday night. Close to 400 mothers and daughters gathered for our Annual Mother’s Day Mass and supper. Fr Brendan spoke beautifully about how much we learn about God and God’s love from our mums.


Year 3 Reconciliation

We keep our Year 3 students in our prayers as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of Penance for the first time later this term.


Sign Out Procedure for Early Departure

If a student is required to leave the College early for any reason, it is essential that parental permission is received. Permission should be directed to Student Services and should be received no later than 9.00am. This allows for the early departure to be recorded in the attendance management system.

Permission can be advised via text message, phone, email or the ‘Communication From Home’ slip which is found at the back of the student planner (p125-131).


Finally, during this Family Week may we look with the eyes of love upon all families.


Faith and Mission

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


Caritas Australia Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Caritas Australia is working with local partners to respond to the immediate needs of those affected by the earthquake. Caritas are in urgent need of help to provide food, shelter and clean water and to support the long term recovery. Thank you to all in the Genazzano community for your support of our Dress For A Cause Day and this appeal. We raised over $2,750.00

Congratulations to the following classes for their efforts:

10-12 Corry 1


10-12 Douglas 2






10-12 d'Houet 4


9 Winter


To donate call 9926 5786 or visit www.cartias/org/au/nepalearthquake


St Vincent de Paul Group – Soup Van Experience

On Sunday 26 April, seven students from the College St Vincent de Paul Group and two staff assisted on the North Melbourne Soup Van. It was a long day and night with preparation of 1500 rolls and sandwiches followed by accompanying the van as it stopped at five points around Melbourne.

The reflection below is from the students who assisted on the night:

The Soup Van visit was a rewarding opportunity to experience and see a side to Melbourne which we had never seen before. We were able to interact with those less fortunate who rely on the St Vincent de Paul soup vans for their meals and offer them company, conversation and necessities. Seeing the people in need right before us really emphasised that our St Vincent de Paul initiatives, such as the can drive and Christmas hampers, really do make a difference, and that there is a lot of need in our society. The experience made us more aware of the need in our community, and also the work that must be done in order to fulfil this need. Overall it was a great night, and we were able to meet new people and witness the impact of our work for the St Vincent de Paul Society in person.

Gen Day Eucharist

At our Gen Day Eucharist this year, Giulia Galvo, one of our Year 12 students gave the reflection following the Gospel. We thank Giulia for her thoughtful and inviting words. Below is an excerpt from her Reflection.


How many times in our life do we stop and think; “Where is God in all of this?” One of the pivotal beliefs of our faith, and sometimes the hardest to grasp, is that God will companion and be there for us during our life journey, as much as we allow him to. And that we, as his followers, are expected to do the same for each other.

As seen in the reading from the Acts of Apostles [the Conversion of Saint Paul] today, it can be difficult trying to detect and understand God’s presence, and even more so his companionship. I’m sure that we have all had moments in our lives, where absolutely nothing seems to be going our way … “where is God when I need him most?”

The continuous cycle of undergoing hardships, and then rising above, with a new perspective and new values, is part of God’s companionship with us. It is especially during these times of hardships that it feels as if God is absent, so it’s during these times that our faith implores us to stop and trust our God. Our college motto – “fidelis” –, not only calls upon us to be loyal and faithful, but also to place our complete and utter trust in someone else. No matter what stage you are at with your spirituality, it is comforting to know that God’s presence and companionship is everlasting, it’s just up to us, whether we can accept and trust his gift.

I’ve mentioned companionship quite a bit so far, and as a keen English student I find it important to define the topic, so companionship, as defined by the Oxford Dictionary, is “the fellowship existing amongst companions”, or more simply put, the good feeling that comes from being with someone else. This “good feeling” can take many forms, whether it is the solace and comfort of a friend, an embracing and loving hug of a mother, encouraging words from a teacher or most simply, a companion in times of need. Whatever it may be, as human beings, we generally prefer and desire the presence and friendship of others, rather than solitude.

In today’s first reading Saul was able to see at the beginning but he was blind to God’s presence in his world. But, when Saul was blinded, he became aware and was able to see the world in a whole new light, he had a greater appreciation and, most of all, an acceptance of God’s presence. It seems to me that accepting companionship with God, and with others, is very much extending yourself from what is familiar and comfortable and, at what may seem at times, blindly placing your trust in another.

We are so fortunate to be a part of the wonderful and embracing community that is Genazzano. Our experiences here have moulded us to be insightful and caring young women, and as such our faith calls upon us to develop these virtues to service others.

As we celebrate Gen Day in our 126th year of our school’s history, I invite you to reflect upon the companions in our lives and extend ourselves from our comfort zones to become a companion to others. The opening procession of today’s Mass saw our House Prefects enter the hall with banners bearing the names we remember and celebrate with pride; d’Houet, Stock, Douglas, Gerda, Winter and Corry. So like these influential women, like Saul from today’s first reading, like Risen Jesus and like the Anzac’s we are soon to commemorate, I think today’s message is that companionship is above all an exercise in trust and faith, it witnesses to who we are and what we believe and hold to be important. In order to receive and share companionship we are invited to place our faith in someone beyond ourselves.

Curriculum, Standards and Innovation


Robert Tassoni
Deputy Principal: Curriculum, Standards and Innovation 


National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9. It has been an everyday part of the school calendar since 2008.

NAPLAN tests the skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. The assessments are undertaken nationwide every year, in the second full week in May.

NAPLAN is made up of tests in the four areas (or ‘domains’) of:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation)
  • Numeracy

It is important to note that the NAPLAN tests provide only a snapshot of your child’s progress at a particular point in time. We administer a number of assessments throughout each semester and these assessments and the process used to complete these assessments provide a more accurate guide to your daughters learning progress.  Towards the end of Term Three all parents/guardians will receive a report outlining their daughter’s performance on the NAPLAN tests. We encourage parents to make contact with their daughter’s teachers if they have any concerns about the results. The following is a timetable indicating the dates the various tests will be administered. All tests will take place on the set dates from the morning onwards.

NAPLAN 2015 timetable


12 May 2015

13 May 2015

14 May 2015

Year 3

40 minutes

40 minutes

45 minutes

45 minutes

Year 5

40 minutes

40 minutes

50 minutes

50 minutes

Year 7

45 minutes

40 minutes

65 minutes

40 minutes

40 minutes

Year 9

45 minutes

40 minutes

65 minutes

40 minutes

40 minutes

ELC News

Judy Johnston
ELC Director


Our Year 4 / ELC 4 Buddies Program

Last week we commenced our Buddies Program, between the ELC 4 Kindergarten boys and girls and the Year 4 Grange Hill students. 

I visited the Year 4 girls and we talked about what a Buddies program might look like, how might we select buddies for each of our children and our feelings towards having a buddy that might be a boy, or a child with some additional needs.

We also chatted about developing a friendship with our buddy, getting to know our buddy and about being a good role model.  We also explored what the Year 4 girls might learn from their buddy, as this is a two-way relationship, with opportunities to learn from both sides.

On Thursday we gathered together on a perfect Autumn day in the ELC.  Buddies spilled out into the playground and spent time playing, trying some of the Kinder activities and getting to know each other.  They then sat and worked on a pic collage on their IPAD that will represent a shared story about each other.  Very quickly the fifty minutes was over and we farewelled our Year 4 buddies until we next gather together.


Early Years News

Jacqueline Horgan
Director of Early Years


Costumes galore were the order of the day on Friday 24 April and Monday 27 April as the girls participated in two Early Years events: Gen Day and We Remember Day.

Gen Day was a much anticipated day among the younger Gen girls and it was fantastic to see the efforts they went to in representing their respective Houses on “the red carpet”. Yellow, pink, blue, green, white and red made for a riot of coloured costumes in our hallways.


The celebrations began with a beautiful Gen Day Eucharist led by Fr Brendan Reed in Centenary Hall. Then was it was time to practice our dance routine with the help of Giulia Mirabile, our Prep to Year 8 Prefect, and get ready for our Oscar winning performance after recess. When the time came to perform the girls were amazing and they did themselves proud. Gen Day continued with watching and cheering on the older girls as they performed their house routines and of course, taking part in many of the fun activities at lunchtime.

“We Remember Day” saw Grange Hill transformed back in time to 1915 as students and teachers  dressed and imagined what school was like one hundred years ago. Following a poignant ANZAC commemoration in the Genazzano FCJ Chapel, the girls were divided into house groups to participate in four rotational activities:

  • Making ANZAC cookies and old fashioned lemonade
  • Sewing and stitching arts and crafts
  • Barn dancing, waltzing and music from the early 20th century
  • Classroom rules and routines from a hundred years ago plus a visit to the Stanislaus Room.

The day ended with an afternoon of games from a bygone era with rolling hoola hoops, hopscotch, knock the can, jacks/knucklebones, two-up and skipping to name but a few.

The girls are to be congratulated on the efforts that they made with their costumes and the enthusiastic way that they embraced the concept. A fabulous fun filled, educational day was had by all and we look forward to this being a recurring event.


The Prep to Year 4 girls also participated in the House Cross Country event on Wednesday 29 April. Accompanied by their teachers they completed a short circuit of the school beginning with a lap of the oval. The girls should be proud of their efforts and it was great to see them compete as members of the larger house system and score points for their respective houses.

Read about the Grange Hill Group Games Program HERE.


Important Dates

12, 13 and 14 May


Tuesday 19 May

Parent Seminar on Resilience, Independence and Self esteem- an Early Years Focus with presenter Jo Lange

Dr Judith Elizabeth Paphazy Early Learning Resource Centre, 7.00pm

Wednesday 20 May

Year 3 Reconciliation Retreat Day

Friday 22 May

Early Years Assembly (led by Year 2)

Montagner Theatre, 9.00am


Dance Fitness Program at Genazzano


Middle Years News

Cuts For Cancer

Belle Ballek
Year 5A 

Hi, I am Belle Ballek from Year 5A.

I am telling you about cutting my hair. Last week I cut my hair to donate it to make wigs for cancer patients at the Peter MacCallum Hospital.

My inspiration - my friends, family and people around me inspired me. One of the people that inspired me was my grandma who had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and received chemo and lost her hair (she is ok now). Another inspiration was reading about it in a magazine.

What happened in the hair cut? The hairdresser washed my hair then separated it into 10 bunches. Next they chopped the bunches off and put it into a bag. My hair was then dried and trimmed.

What will happen next? - The hair will now be sent to the hospital then a person will choose the hair style they want. Their head will be measured and the wigmaker will use this to make the wig. After the final fitting is done, the person has a wig!

Also I need to say that I am not getting paid for doing this I am doing this as a donation to an amazing cause.


Later Years News

Year 9 Companionship Program

Isabella Polazzon
Year 9

The Year 9 Companionship Program is a unique program that gives students at All Hallows the opportunity to provide companionship to residents at aged care facilities in the Boroondara area. Students bond and build friendships with the residents through participating in a range of different activities.

On the first Friday afternoon of Term 2 the Year 9 students in Corry and d’Houet began their five week companionship placement. I was lucky enough to be placed at the aged care facility, Trinity Manor, where my great grandmother is a resident. My great grandmothers name is Angiolina Raulli, but my family all call her Nonna. This year is a big year for my great grandmother as she will be turning 100 years old! Being able to go and visit Nonna every week is truly amazing because my family and I don’t get to see her as often as we would like.

Having the Year 9 Companionship Program as part of the year 9 curriculum has given me the opportunity to become closer with my great grandmother and to be able to see and talk with her on a weekly basis.

The Companionship Program is one that really emphasises the importance of providing companionship to the elderly.  The program connects us through fun, hands-on activities rather than just talking and enables students to engage with the residents and brings a smile to their faces.

I would like to thank Ms Heard for organising the Companionship Program and the staff at Trinity Manor for being so lovely and kind. Overall the companionship experience has been one that I will never forget and will treasure forever.


Careers News

Judy O’Donohue
Careers Advisor

Years 10-12 Final reminder for GFA Talking Careers

Don’t forget the GFA talking careers evening is on Monday 11 May at 7.30pm on the top floor of d’Houet. This is an excellent opportunity to bring your daughter(s) along to hear from real people in real jobs about what it is really like to be a Doctor, Lawyer, Forensics/IT Specialist, Events Manager, Accountant, Nurse, Medical Researcher, Physiotherapist, Speech Pathologist, Teacher/Librarian, Journalist, Architect, Dietician or Psychologist. It is also a great opportunity to ask questions in a non-threatening, small group environment. View the flyer HERE.


Year 9 Career Development Program

On Tuesday 12 May, all Year 9 students will have a careers immersion day where they will learn how to write a cover letter and resume. At the end of the day each girl will have her own documents that she can then use to apply for part time jobs or for work experience in Year 10.


VCE and Careers Expo this weekend – 9 and 10 May

The Age VCE and Careers expo is a great opportunity for you to take your daughter(s) along to get all the information you need about courses and universities all over Australia. It will be held at Caulfield Racecourse from 10am to 4pm. Further details are available at


Research and Performance

Catherine Brandon
Director of Programs: Research and Performance


Maximising Performance Potential: Public Speaking Skills training at Year 9

Many People find the activity of public speaking an activity that is stressful or challenging.  Yet we know that the ability to speak confidently in public is a valuable life skill.  It is also a necessary skill for students as they are required to give oral presentations as part of their learning and for assessments in a range of studies including English, Drama and LOTE.

Genazzano is pleased to be introducing a coaching and skills development program at Year 9 with the aim of promoting increased confidence and control when speaking in front of an audience.  This will be delivered as part of the College’s wellbeing and performance program, GenSTAR, in Term 3.   Our Year 9 students will receive training in oral presentation skills from our speech and drama coach, Tanya Salinas-Byrne, alongside sessions delivered by teaching staff and College psychologists focusing on mindset for optimal performances.  Whilst the program will have a particular focus on oral presentation skills, performance psychology skills training is an essential and transferable area of learning that can assist students to achieve at their best in any performance area, such as sports, music performances, exam taking etc.  This is an exciting initiative that will be evaluated through the Performance Psychology department and Year 9 parents will receive more information later this term.

Please contact Catherine Brandon on 8862 1205 if you have any queries or would like more information about this program.


Other News


Drama News

Gabrielle Quin
Drama Coordinator

VCE Theatre Studies Performance

Tickets are selling fast to the VCE Theatre Studies performance of scenes from “A Curious Incident of The Dog in the Night-time” so ensure you have booked yours via the try booking link :

Tickets: $5 concession and $10 full price.


Year 10 - All The World’s A Stage

Yesterday the Year 10 Drama students spent the day at the Malthouse Theatre together with other schools from around Victoria participating in a VCE Drama ensembles workshop. The workshop is designed to encourage sharing of techniques used in contemporary theatre practice. The Genazzano students presented the ensemble that they have devised around the theme of Narcissism, for which they received feedback from invited specialists and peers.

The College community are invited to attend a performance of the Year 10’s completed ensemble on Thursday 11 May at 5.00pm in the Wardell Theatre. No tickets required!


Year 9 Drama

The Year 9 Drama students are devising a performance around the theme of : “The New Body” using Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, the myth of Prometheus and documentaries about advances in robotics as their stimulus texts. Gen bot has even been given a role.

As part of this process, the class recently participated in an immersion day; visiting Swinburne’s Centre for Bioengineering where Dr Michelle Dunn demonstrated some of the amazing possibilities that lie ahead in the area of human/robotic interfaces. The class then took part in a workshop with contemporary dance company Chunky Move and visited the Malthouse theatre to further develop their ensemble ideas. It was a packed day of learning experiences. Look out for the performance at the end of the term!

Dr Dunn with Robots

Chunky Move

Speech and Drama Classes

Introducing: Speech and Drama Classes at Genazzano

Gabrielle Quin
Drama Coordinator


Learning to speak clearly and confidently in front of an audience is an essential life skill.

Genazzano is providing your daughter with the opportunity to learn and develop skills in Speech and Drama, empowering them to become confident women and future leaders.

For information please contact the Head of Drama, Gabrielle Quinn via:



ICT and eLearning News

Nathan Hutchings
Director of Information and eLearning Technologies


Double Robotics Telepresence solution supporting student learning 

Last week the College used our mobile telepresence solution to provide remote access for a student unable to attend College due to serious illness. The Double Robot was controlled by the student remotely via a web browser so she could attend a number of her classes. Because the student could remotely hear and see what was happening in the classroom she was able to catch up with her friends and minimise any disruption to her studies. The Robot is also able to move around the College under the control of the remote operator. This provided the opportunity for the student to socialise with her friends during lunchtime and morning tea.

The telepresence solution is available for use by other students who are unable to attend school due to illness for an extended period.

If you have any enquiries about using the Double Robot please contact me directly on 8862 1261 or via . Further information about the Double Robot can be found here

I would like to thank the Year 6 teachers who supported the use of the technology in the classroom and of course our IT team for providing help desk support for the student and her parents.



GenSpace and Information Systems use survey

A reminder that the Genazzano FCJ College Genspace and Information Systems use survey mentioned in a prior edition of the newsletter is still open.  If you have not already done so I encourage all parents and guardians to complete the online survey. The aim of the survey is to gain a better understanding of the type of IT devices and online services that are used by parents and guardians. This information will assist us in improving IT services at the College. This survey is anonymous and best completed on a desktop or notebook device. Cut and paste the link below into your web browser in order to commence the survey.


Music News

2015 Generations in Jazz!

Emily Tarrant
Jazz and Contemporary Music Teacher


Last weekend, 17 musicians from our Stage Band, accompanied by Ms Tarrant, Mr Paraha, Ms Dawson and Mr Blazejczak, embarked on a journey to South Australia as part of Genazzano’s return visit to Generations in Jazz.  

Generations In Jazz, which incorporates the National Stage Band Awards,is an event held each May in Mount Gambier, South Australia, and is run and presented by one of Australia’s leading jazz musicians, Mr James Morrison. The festival runs over three days and this year, was attended by over 3,700 students from all states and territories of Australia. It aims to educate and assist students in their contemporary musical development through a series of performance competitions, workshops and demonstrations by world class mentors. This year the festival featured the internationally renowned Hot Horn Happening and the amazing American vocal ensemble, Take 6.

The weekend provided students with an injection of inspiration. As this was the College’s third year of attendance, many students knew what to expect and eagerly anticipated the opportunity to perform their program, take part in their instrument appropriate workshop and attend the three outstanding concerts scheduled over the weekend. This year the girls were treated to performances by James Morrison, the James Morrison Academy Big Band, the Generation in Jazz Scholarship winners, The Idea of North, Take 6 and the incredible soloists from Hot Horn Happening.

The commitment to rehearsals and personal practice in the weeks leading up to this event, certainly paid off for our band members as their performance on the weekend were sensational! Results are as follows:

The Stage Band performed in Division 4 which was divided into two sections. In our pool there were 19 bands and the Stage Band played beautifully against some stiff competition to be ranked 6th! Their program consisted of the competition’s set piece, The 3Ds, a moving ballad called A Beautiful Day and a faster swing piece called Bemsha Swing. Solid improvised solos from Millie Spencer, Genevieve Kuner and Lucy Livingstone and wonderful melodic interpretations from Dana Riley and Mary Gilmour. Special congratulations to Dana Riley who was chosen from all Division 4 percussionists (a total of 41 bands) to join the Division 4 Super Band!

This year we asked our youngest and oldest band members to reflect upon their experience. Their comments perhaps best sum up the weekend…

“What especially inspired us was watching other students perform at amazing standards and we came away feeling proud of our achievements and eager to come back next year stronger than ever. We were especially proud to come home with the Division 4 Super Band Percussionist, Dana Riley. For the seven Year 12 band members, there was a note of sadness as we said goodbye to Generations in Jazz but deep down we know we’ll be back, even if we can’t compete. All we can say is that we played the best we could and that Bill Broughton (Division 4 Adjudicator) has truly excellent taste in percussionists!”

Congratulations to all of our band members for their wonderful performances and impeccable conduct over the weekend.




Performance Psychology News

Natasha Ascenzo
College Psychologist


The Grange Hill Group Games Program has returned to Grange Hill for 2015!

The Grange Hill Group Games Program has been designed for Prep to Year 4 students to encourage and build interaction, friendship and social skills such as:

  • Working as part of a team
  • Negotiation
  • Communicating effectively; and
  • Organisation.

Games Coordinators from our Year 6 students will assist in the organisation and running of a range of group games each Wednesday during lunchtime. The Games Coordinators have been trained by the Performance Psychology staff in group management strategies and negotiation tactics. The program provides an opportunity for Year 6 students to build on their own leadership and team skills, and encourages them to build positive and supportive relationships with younger students.

The Performance Psychology Centre will oversee the program together with Mary O’Shaughnessy. We hope that Grange Hill parents will encourage their daughters to join in the games and have fun, while learning new skills and making new friends. Please feel free to contact the Performance Psychology Centre if you have any questions about this program.


Sport News

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport



Three senior students enjoyed a very successful weekend at the recent 15th Annual Victorian Inter-School Horse Trials Championship held at Wandin Park on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 April.  Rachael Collins (Year 12 Gerda ) finished 4th in grade 3 and 4th in Grade 1, Louisa Inge (Year 12 d’Houet)  finished 1st in Grade 3 and Annabelle Choong (Year 12 Douglas) finished 2nd in Grade 4.

Overall, Genazzano finished in 3rd place from more than 70 schools.  This is a wonderful outcome and we congratulate the three riders on this achievement.  

Below is a photo of the team with their winning ribbons.



GSV Cross Country

Students from the Cross Country team competed in the Athletics Victoria All Schools Cross Country Relay Championships on Saturday 2 May at Jells Park.  In the U16 girls, notable performances came from Alisa Ramsdale (Year 7B) and Molly McCarthy (Year 8B) who both ran up an age group. Molly ran one of the fastest times of the day and was the quickest for her age group (U14) with a time of 11:11 for the 3km course. Teaming up with Ella Vander Sluys (Year 9 Winter) and Johanna Godfrey (Year 9 Stock), the girls were impressively supportive of each other. This team went on to finish 15th from 43 teams.  In the U18 girls, a late change of availability meant the team was destined to fall short of the necessary 4 runners. However, this didn’t stop Stephanie Zago (Year 11 Corry), Kaitlin Barr (11 Douglas), and Hannah Macdonald (10 D’Houet) from giving it their all and contesting with the lead schools throughout their 3 relay legs. A notable performance came from Kaitlin who ran one of the fastest times of the day; 17:41 for the 4km.

With a solid number of girls eagerly attending regular training; we expect to fill full teams for every age group at the next event, the Albert Park Road Relays on 16 May.


House Cross Country Carnival

Congratulations to Winter house who were the champion house at last week’s cross country carnival held at the College and in the surrounding neighbourhood.


Grand Aggregate Points:















Prep-4 Champions


Year 5-6 Champions


Year 7-8 Champions


Year 9-10 Champions


Year 11-12 Champions



2015 Vic School Cycling Championships 

Students interested in accessing information regarding this opportunity (9-11 October) should go to


Genazzano Snowsports 2015

An Information Evening was held on Wednesday 22 April.  If you were unable to attend and still wish to find out more about Snowsports, please contact Mr Wesson on 8862 1016.


Genazzano Friends of Sport

The Friends of Sport is an informal group, committed to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of students through physical activity. The Friends of Sport group meet regularly throughout the year and extend an open invitation to interested parents to attend.

We thank outgoing Chair, Mr Steve Kennedy, and Secretary, Mr Chris Anderson, for their contributions and leadership.  We are delighted to announce that the new Chair is Mr John King and the new secretary will be Mr Brett Barr.

For further details please contact the new Chair, Mr John King: or 0418 383 664.


Genazzano Sport Office

Please note the Sport Office is located on the ground floor of the Wardell building (WG101).  The office is staffed by Miss Melonie Fulton (Sports Administrator) and the phone number is 8862 1008. Alternatively, email


GFA News

By Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


Term 2 is on track and boy have we enjoyed some special GFA events over the past few weeks.


GFA Winemaker’s Dinner was held on Friday 1 May

To Love, Laugh, make a difference or in Greek  – Agapi, Yelio, Megali diafora. No matter what the language, it is these words that speak volumes for all at the GFA!! It was a night to remember, from our guest speaker Lyn Gent with her words of viti-culinary wisdom, to the magnificent Greek banquet, music and of course the dancing! A tremendous thanks to all who attended, our MC GFA President Emeritus Mike Lescai, and the organising committee of Stan Gawel, Julian Di Battista, Lindsay Egan, Rob Furlan, Pete Grounds, Bernie Hunt, Jordan Papadopolous and Nicholas Psyhogios.


The Opening of the Fathers’ Steps was celebrated on Tuesday 5 May

The dream, followed by many years of planning and dedicated construction over the past 5 months, has seen the realisation and completion of this epic journey. Festivities spilled through the doors at the rear of the Madeleine Centre onto the Fathers’ Steps, where Fr Brendan offered his blessing, and I had the tremendous honour of cutting the ceremonial ribbon together with our Principal Patricia Cowling – many thanks to all involved in preparations and running of what was a very special evening for the College and the GFA – Take your daughter to the Fathers’ Steps and spend some quiet time together – it is “all about the girls”, and the Fathers’ Steps is a true gift to our girls of today and tomorrow from all Genazzano Dads, past, present and future. The GFA is now looking forward to our next Project – the GFA BBQ facility near the Moreton Bay Fig overlooking the Fathers’ Steps!


GFA 2015 Sponsorship Opportunities

The GFA is URGENTLY seeking Corporate Sponsors through opportunities to broadly promote themselves across the College Community – clickHERE for further information and assist the GFA in achieving our aim of "making a difference".

Also coming up…..

GFA’s 'Talking Careers' will be held on the evening of Monday 11 May, from 7.30pm to 9.00pm

This evening provides girls in Years 10 to 12 with a greater awareness of their career choices from a range of speakers representing different career paths in a friendly, informative and interactive forum that will also provide an opportunity for questions. The event will be held in the classrooms on the third floor of the d’Houet building, and parents/guardians are strongly encouraged to attend with their daughters. View the flyer HERE.


GFA Year 8 Father/Daughter Camp - Weekend of 16-17 May

There is ONLY 1 WEEK TO GO before the GFA Year 8 Father/Daughter camp, to be held at Mt Evelyn over the weekend of 16-17 May – spaces are limited so BOOK NOW at

GFA Year 7 Father/Daughter camp - Weekend of 30-31 May

The GFA Year 7 Father/Daughter camp to be held at Anglesea on 30-31 May is now open for registrations at Needless to say our GFA camps are popular, dynamic and guaranteed to bring you closer to your daughter (and wear you out!) – NOW is the time to book to avoid disappointment! 

Are you receiving GFA emails?

Emails are the best way for the GFA to keep Dads up to date with what is happening so if these are not reaching you please let me know ( and you will be added to the distribution list.


Our next GFA meeting will be held on Wednesday 13 May

This is a FEATURE MEETING with a special presentation by the College IT team that will cover student and parent IT issues  – Nathan Hutchings (BYOD devices), Teresa Lincoln (eSmart) and Lachlan Pollock (IT help desk) – a must see for all Genazzano Fathers! To assist with catering please RSVP to before Monday 11 May.


Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference.

GMA News

Debbie O'Halloran
President, Genazzano Mother's Association


Our second Class Reps Meeting which was combined with a Committee Meeting was held Monday 27 April. We had a fabulous attendance with most of the year levels now having all their functions organised for the year. 

Last Saturday evening around 40 year 12 parents enjoyed some great food, great wine and excellent conversation at Lisa and Chris Scully’s home.  Thank you to Lisa and Chris for opening up their home and hosting this event.  The Year 3 parents also enjoyed a night out at The Beehive in Kew.


Entertainment Books – Great Mother’s Day Gift

For those who are looking for the gift that keeps on giving – Entertainment Books are available to order now.  They are the same price as last year ($65) and include many new restaurants.  Contact Cathy Frawley (0421 010 347 or to reserve your copy.  This year there will be a hard copy or a digital copy.  Great Mother’s Day gift idea!


Save the dates for the following events:

Saturday 16 May

Year 4 Parent’s Dinner

Tuesday 19 May

Year 9 Cinema Night

Saturday 23 May

Year 5 Parent’s Soiree

Sunday 24 May

Year 8 Mother and Daughter Breakfast

Friday 12 June

Year 2 Mum's Dinner

Friday 12 June

Year 3 Coffee Morning

Saturday 13 June

Year 1 Parent's Dinner
(please note date change)

Sunday 14 June

ELC Diamond Valley Miniature Railway


Community News


St Kevins Parish Templestowe

If you graduated from Grade 6 in 2014 or would have, from either St Kevin’s or St Charles Borromeo Primary School:

You are invited to your school reunion.

Saturday 23rd May

7.00-9.00pm at St Charles Borromeo Primary School

RSVP 9 May 2015 / 9850 5983 for any enquiries


Sacramental Program for 2015

Our Lady of Good Counsel and All Hallows Parish
Deepdene and Balwyn
Sacramental Program for 2015

Young parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel and All Hallows Parish are invited to enrol in the Parish’s Sacramental Program. School aged children are provided with preparation for their reception for the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Year 3), First Eucharist (Year 4) and Confirmation (Year 6). Once the preparation stage has been completed, these young people are presented for the sacrament. These sacraments will be celebrated in the parish this year as follows:

Weekends of 9/10 May, 16/17 May and 23/24 May
(Catechist Preparation Program commences Friday 20 March) 

Sunday 13 September
(Catechist Preparation Program commences Friday, 31 July)

Tuesday 10 November and Thursday 12 November (Catechist Preparation Program commences Friday 9 October)

Please visit the parish website at and complete the relevant online enrolment form or contact Tricia Norman on 9816 9291 or for more details.  Please note that the Sacramental Program is open to those families who reside within the parish boundaries.


OLGC Parish Craft Group

The OLGC Parish Craft Group continues to assist those in the community. If you would like to join or are able to assist with straight sewing, please contact Stella Robinson on 9880 7815. The group also welcomes donations of wool for the Winter season. Please leave your donations at the Parish House.


Dinner and Dialogue with Melinda Tankard Reist

The Parishes of Hawthorn, Kew, Balwyn and Deepdene, in conjuction with YEP, invite you to Sacred Heart Church Hall on Tuesday 19 May at 6.45pm for Dinner and Dialogue with Melinda Tankard Reist. View the flyer HERE.


YEP Events

YEP Tarrawarra Retreat 2015

YEP Winter Sleepout 2015