Newsletter in Full - Edition 2 2015

From the Principal


I am sure that all who gathered to celebrate Gen Welcomes on Saturday 14 February would agree that it truly was a wonderful occasion.  More than six hundred attended to welcome new parents to the Genazzano community. It was an evening of great celebration.  We gathered for Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church along with members of the parish community before moving on to a delightful dinner in the beautiful College gardens.  We thank the parish of Our Lady of Good Counsel for their generous hospitality to the Genazzano community for this occasion and to the “Degenerates” for their exceptional entertainment.  Prayers were certainly answered when the heavy morning rain was replaced by a hot afternoon, making for a delightful evening.

The success of the evening is testament to the endeavour of our hard working parent groups and staff.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people help in the organisation of such events and stay at the end of the evening to again offer support with the pack up, some into the wee hours of the morning.

My thanks to GMA President, Deb O’Halloran, and GFA President, Rob Bischoff, and Cathy Frawley and Rob and Nicole Furlan. My thanks also to Emily Tarrant and the Stage Band for the superb entertainment as guests arrived and Jan Blazejczak and the Senior Chamber Choir for the beautiful singing during the Eucharist.

It was a truly inspirational occasion last Wednesday 11 February when Years 5 to 12 listened to the presentations of our top VCE achievers of 2014. Those who had achieved ATARs of 99 +, placing them in the top 1% of Victorian students, were: Bridget Hollitt (Dux 99.9); Zara Fitzgerald (99.5); Chloe Alexander (99.15); Catherine Fitzgerald (99.05); Renee Rostolis (99.05) and Prue Lescai (99). Grace Lewis (99.15) unable to attend the assembly will be presented with her award later in the Term. The dux of each subject was also presented with an award on this occasion.

The combined Genazzano-Xavier musical, The Sound of Music, will open next Wednesday evening and I would like to thank the voice coach, Ms Janet Dawson, and the performers and behind the scenes workers for the dedication and commitment that has gone into preparing for a wonderful evening. This 40th anniversary production is indicative of the ongoing partnership of excellence between our two schools.

We held the funeral in the Genazzano Chapel of Sister Mary Teresa Hennessy FCJ. Sister Teresa was an outstanding example of FCJ companionship, as she followed the exhortation of Venerable Marie Madeleine d’Houet “Like the Holy Women and after them, we call ourselves Faithful Companions of Jesus, ready to serve like them, ready to follow him anywhere”. Sister Teresa worked for many years in the Philippines. She cared for the poorest of the poor on the dumpsite in Payatas: families; children; and students.

We gathered in Year Level groups (Year 5 - Year 8) or House groups (Years 9 – 12) across the College for liturgies to commemorate Ash Wednesday, the commencement of the Lenten season. It is a significant focus of a Genazzano education that, following in the footsteps of the women at the foot of the Cross, we respond to the cry of those in need in our world. Throughout Lent students will be engaged in a number of fund-raising activities to support the work of the Caritas Australia - Project Compassion Appeal - the Catholic Agency for International Aid and Development that works with local communities to alleviate hunger, poverty, oppression and injustice.

The Commencement Eucharist - a significant occasion for the entire College community - will take place on Thursday 26 February at 10.00am at the College. Centenary Hall will be very crowded with the whole school in attendance so it might be hard to find a seat; however, all are welcome! 

We pray for the recently deceased:

  • Isobel Giuffrida passed away, Monday 16 February aged 74. Wife of Tino and mother of Daniel. Requium mass offered at St Peter Julian Eymard Church on Monday 23 February at 11.00am

Patricia Cowling


A Lenten Prayer

Loving God who calls us to serve others in companionship,

You remind us of the need to turn away from selfishness and greed, to care for our brothers and sisters throughout the world.


We pray that during this time of Lent,

we will make a home in our own hearts for the poor.

May we listen and act on your call to end poverty,

promote justice and uphold the dignity of every person.





From the Business Manager


I wish to advise all families that the College did not have any of the contaminated frozen berries that have been reported in the news over recent days. Our Cafeteria and Food Technology Department purchase fresh Australian berries for use in products/menus in the main and will not be purchasing frozen berries until further advice is received from the Health Department.


Mark Glover
Business Manager



Immunisation Dates

In 2015, Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (dTp) vaccine will be given to all students Years 7 to 10.

A transition process will begin to move the delivery of the vaccine from Year 10 to Year 7, in order to allow for earlier protection. As part of this transition, in 2015 only all students Years 7 to 10 will receive this vaccine. In 2016 onwards this vaccine, in addition to the HPV and Varicella vaccines, will be offered to Year 7 only.

Consent cards will be sent home via homerooms in the next week. Please return the completed forms to your daughter’s Homeroom teacher as soon as possible even if the vaccine is not to be given. All consent forms must be returned to the school by Monday 16 February.

Visit 1 - Monday 23 March 2015 - 9.30am

  • Year 7 HPV
  • Year 8 Boostrix
  • Year 10 Boostrix

Visit 2 - Monday 25 May 2015 - 9.30am - then to All Hollows for Year 9 (approx. 11.45am - 12.00pm)

  • Year 7 HPV & Boostrix
  • Year 9 Boostrix

Visit 3 - Monday 12 October 2015 - 9.30am

  • Year 7 HPV & Chickenpox

Please contact me with any queries regarding the immunisation program on 8862 1180 or by email

Virginia Boyce
College Nurse



Key Dates for Term 1 

Tuesday 10 February

ELC (Kindergarten) Information Evening, 7.00pm, Grange Hill


Middle Years Information Evening, 7.00pm, Montagner Auditorium

Wednesday 11 February

Academic Awards Assembly Centenary Hall

Thursday 12 February

VCE Information evening, 7.00pm, Montagner Auditorium

Friday 13 February

Centenary Swim Meet

Monday 16 February

Year 10 Information Evening, 7.00pm, Montagner Auditorium

Friday 20 February

Years 5-12 House Swimming Carnival, 9.30am - 3.00pm, Boroondara Sports Complex

Monday 23 February

Year 9 Information evening, 7.00pm, All Hallows

Wednesday 25 - Saturday 28 February

Genazzano/Xavier Musical, ‘Sound of Music’

Thursday 26 February

Commencement Eucharist

Term 1 student free days:

Monday 9 March (Labour Day)

Friday 20 March (Parent Teacher Interviews) 




Genazzano/Xavier Musical

The Sound of Music

Wednesday 25 February to Saturday 28 February

7.30pm - 10.00pm 




Commencement Eucharist

The Commencement Eucharist is a significant occasion for the entire College community and will take place on Thursday 26 February at the College. You will receive further details about this event closer to the date, but please make note of it in your diaries for 10.00am on that day. Centenary Hall will be very crowded with the whole school in attendance so it might be hard to find a seat; however, all are welcome!



International Women's Day

Friday 6 March is International Women’s Day! At Genazzano, we will be celebrating this special day with a breakfast in Centenary Hall. Mother’s, daughters, family and friends are invited to share a table together.

When: Friday 6 March

Where: Centenary Hall, Genazzano FCJ College, Kew campus

Time: 7am – 8.30am

Cost: $10 per person



Parent Forum 

Once again this year we will be holding a Parent Forum each Term. These are great opportunities for parents to meet with the Principal and the Senior Leadership team to talk over any matters of interest or issues of concern. The Forum this term will occur on Wednesday evening 11 March from 6.00pm to 7.15pm. Light refreshments will be provided at this gathering.



Join us at Open Day

Discover learning in action

Join the Genazzano community for Open Day on Sunday 22 March from 1.30 - 4.00pm.
At 2.30pm the Principal, will give an address and at 3.00pm families are invited to take a College tour with one of our informative student guides.
BBQ, Tea, coffee and refreshments will be served during Open Day by the Genazzano Mothers’ and Fathers’ Associations.
To register your attendance please visit:
We look forward to seeing you there.



Faith and Mission News

Service in Companionship

Last Sunday’s Gospel came from the first Chapter of Mark’s Gospel (Mark 1:40-45).
It tells us the story of Jesus curing a leper. Lepers were treated as outcasts in ancient societies.
Even in this first chapter of the Gospel, Jesus has chosen his apostles, his companions in his ministry.
He now sets out showing different ways of how we can be of service to others. 

In this story Jesus shows compassion for the leper; he reaches out to him and indeed cures him.
What insight does this story give us into our College theme for this year - Service in Companionship?
Perhaps it shows that our compassion for anyone’s suffering takes greater priority than our own comfort and sense of embarrassment.
Jesus here models for us that wherever there is a need, we are called to serve that person.

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission



Prayer Services During Lent



Year 7 Ash Wednesday Liturgy

On the February 18, the Year 7 students congregated in the College chapel for the Ash Wednesday liturgy. We were greeted by Mrs. Read and Ms. Garoffolo who read the introductory prayers. Then Marietta lit the candle to start our liturgy. Some of the Year 7 students read prayers that reflected the significance of Ash Wednesday in our lives.

We were called to recognise this time as an opportunity to examine our relationship with others and with God. Through fasting and giving, we are called to examine how we are living our lives and ask how we can make personal sacrifices and be there more for others. The Year 7 students then assembled reverently to receive the ashes, the ancient symbol of both repentance and renewal. All students were marked with the ashes from last year’s Palm Sunday branches. The blessing and sign of the cross was placed on our foreheads by the teachers, a sign which represents our journey on the path to Easter. We asked God to help us to fast, to pray and to give generously as compassionate partners in the work of building peace and justice.

The liturgy was a special and reflective time to focus on Ash Wednesday and to think deeply about the Lenten season and the journey we have begun. 

Mia Harmon, Starla Solias and Zoe Notarianni
Year 7B






Curriculum, Standards and Innovation

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome back all students and parents to the College for the start of another academic school year.

The commencement of any school year is always approached with a mixture of excitement and enthusiasm, but for some with a bit of trepidation. The start of any school year provides all of us with a wonderful opportunity to revisit our goals and hopes for the forthcoming year. The start of the year also provides an excellent opportunity for parents and their daughters to share aspirations and discuss strategies for achieving goals. Recently, the entire teaching staff of the College participated in a professional learning session conducted by Dr Judith Paphazy on the importance of building resilience within students.

Dr Paphazy provided staff with an overview of what the best researchers in the field have found about the importance of resilience as a life-long quality. Teachers were exposed to a number of strategies used in promoting resilience in students and our wonderful GenStar program is further evidence of our commitment to, and value we hold in, the quality of resilience. Parents play a pivotal role in promoting resilience within their children, by not only providing them with love and support, but by using language and actions that promote resilience. The following are just some suggestions for parents to assist their daughters adopt a resilient response to issues which arise throughout any school year.

  • When confronted with a problem encourage your child to think of new ways of doing things.
  • Encourage your daughter to stay on a task until it is completed.
  • Reduce tension through the use of humour.
  • Encourage your daughter to independently solve problems when possible.
  • Encourage within your daughter a growth mind-set; persist with something even though it is difficult - mistakes and failures are simply opportunities to learn and grow.
  • Praise effort as well as success.
  • Encourage your daughter to reach out for help when needed.

(Grotberg 1999)

We all look forward to working in partnership with parents on building this very important quality within our students.


An information session related to the tour will take place on Tuesday 17 February, 2015 at 7.00pm in the Cafeteria. At this session details about the full itinerary and general information relating to the tour will be discussed. In 2015, the tour will only be available to Year 10 students who have expressed an interest in participating in the tour.

Robert Tassoni
Deputy Principal: Curriculum, Standards and Innovation



Student Learning and Wellbeing


As part of our continued commitment to becoming an eSmart school, we are pleased to welcome Belinda Rotella (parent) and Georgia Blom (Year 12) to our committee. As you are aware social media is constantly changing and we are unable to monitor the various sites as they are created. We are inviting parents to join our eSmart email group that will alert parents of social media sites as we become aware of them. We will be relying on members of our community to keep us informed and in turn we will then inform the group. If you would like to be part of this email group please register by emailing the eSmart Officer at

We are also pleased to inform you that all Year 6 students will be working towards an eSmart Digital Licence. This has been developed through the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in partnership with Google. It provides students with online challenges using quizzes, games and videos to teach children to make smart, safe and responsible decisions online. Parents are welcome to preview the eSmart Digital Licence via YouTube or by visiting Parents are able to sign up to support your children in becoming responsible digital citizens. 

Teresa Lincoln
Deputy Principal: Student Learning & Wellbeing


ELC News

ELC 3 Fruit Basket - a new initiative for 2015

In ELC 3 this year, we have introduced the shared fruit and vegetable basket for families to contribute to each week.  Families place their produce grown or purchased from the local Fruiter and we provide a healthy and nutritious morning tea each day for the children.

We are talking with the children about good eating habits and which foods are healthy and why.  We are also discussing which foods are “sometimes foods” (only eaten occasionally or on special occasions).  In a shared learning environment children are often more adventurous to try fruits and vegetables that their peers are eating, but which they may say “no” to at home.

Children are being encouraged to help select what they would like to bring along from home and they are involved in the preparation of morning tea and cleaning their individual bowl after morning tea is over.  They have demonstrated that they are good eaters!

This practice is also supporting our approach to Sustainability in the ELC, as we are composting the fruit & veggie scraps for our Edible Vegetable Garden, and we are reducing packaging to nil.  We also serve water as our preferred drink at Genazzano ELC.

Judy Johnston
ELC Director



Early Years News 

The Early Years girls were treated to a gorgeous assembly on Friday, February 13. Led by Year 3 and with a focus on Jesus’ love for us, all were treated to beautiful red hearts as they left the auditorium. The assembly also provided an opportunity for the presentation of house badges to both our new prep students and those who are joining us at Grange Hill for the first time. The presence of the Genazzano House Captain to help pin on the house badges made it an extra special occasion. Our next assembly on March 13 will be led by Year 4 and held in the Dr Judith Elizabeth Paphazy Early Learning Resource Centre.

Shrove Tuesday provided an opportunity for some delicious smells wafting down our Grange Hill hallways as the students enjoyed cooking and eating some delicious pancakes. The smiles on the faces of the excited preps and Year 1 students were a joy to behold.  Tuesday also saw an unusual visitor to Grange Hill, a visitor called Gen Bot who will be at Grange Hill every Tuesday. Gen Bot is our roving robot which looks like an i-pad on wheels and allows us to interact with staff around the college and in particular the IT staff.

Wednesday saw the Year 4s lead their fellow students in a touching Ash Wednesday liturgy held in the Genazzano school chapel. It was fantastic to see so many of our parents attend and take part in receiving the blessed ashes. The individual classes have been learning about the works of Caritas Australia and Project Compassion boxes are now on display in each class as well as at our Grange Hill reception.

Upcoming dates

Wednesday,  February  25      No Prep classes

Sunday, March 1                    Father/Daughter/Son Mass 9:30 am 

Tuesday, March 3                   Parent Information Evening 7:00 pm

Friday, March 6                      Swimming classes Prep - Year 4

Friday, March 13                    Prep -4 Assembly led by year 4 in the Dr Judith Elizabeth Paphazy Early Learning Resource Centre 9:00am  

Jackie Horgan
Early Years Coordinator


Middle Years News 

Home learning

Homework, or ‘home learning’ both reinforces and extends ideas, skills and concepts students learn at school and encourages lifelong study habits. The homework set for your daughter will vary depending on their age and the subject.

In the Middle Years, homework is allocated on most weekdays. It is expected that students will spend the following as a maximum amount of time on homework per evening, from Monday to Thursday:

Year 5 & 6: 45 - 60 minutes

Year 7 & 8: 60 - 90 minutes (15-20 minutes per subject)

Weekend homework

Given that many students are actively involved in activities on Saturday and Sunday, homework is not set over the weekend. However, it is expected that homework not completed during the week should be finalised on the weekend.

Holiday homework

Term breaks and holidays are opportunities for students to rest and renew their physical and mental energies. Therefore, no new tasks should be set over a holiday period. Students may like to use this time for revision of work covered, independent reading, instrumental music practice or reading ahead for future learning.

Strategies to support your daughter’s learning at home

The Victorian Department of Education and Training offers the following tips to parents to support your daughter’s learning at home:

  • - Encourage a regular daily time to examine and complete homework.
  • - Discuss key questions or suggest resources to help with homework.
  • - Help create a balance between time spent doing homework and recreational activities.
  • - Ask how their homework and class work is going and celebrate their successes and achievements.
  • - Attend school events, productions or displays your child is involved in.
  • - Talk to teachers to discuss problems with homework.
  • - Check whether homework has been set and encourage your child to keep a homework diary.
  • - Discuss homework with your child in their first language (if English is not the main language spoken at home).

More homework tips can be found on the following sites:

Wayne Murrill       
Director of Middle Years



Later Years and VCE News

Careers Department News

Year 10 – Work Experience

Towards the end of last year, all students were given a work experience booklet and form to get them started on finding a work experience placement for June 15 - 19, 2015. They were also informed they need to have the form returned to the Careers Department by March 6. This form does not need to be signed by the employer. We need you and your daughter to sign the document and ensure personal details and the employer contact details are complete. We will forward the document to the employer for signing. (A reminder also that work experience is compulsory in Year 10). 

Year 12 - Career Interviews

All Year 12 students are currently receiving individual career interviews to prepare them for the year ahead. Discussions will include options beyond Year 12;  preparations such as UMAT testing for some Medicine, Optometry and Dental courses; extra requirements for folio based courses; using Coursearch on the VTAC website; researching information on university websites; reminding them to attend Open Days in August and answering any other concerns or queries. You might like to have a look at the VTAC website yourself and see what is available on Coursesearch at NB: This website is currently showing courses from 2014 and will be updated for current Year 12’s around July - but it can still be used as a guideline.

Judy O’Donohue
Careers Advisor 



Other News 

Genazzano Fathers' Association News

Only a few weeks into 2015 and already the GFA has held some exceptional events.

The Senior Years (9-12) Father/Daughter Mass was hosted on February 8, with a great turnout of over 60 Fathers and daughters. It was wonderful to see all in attendance enjoying some special time together at mass and the breakfast that followed. Thank you to Fr Sacha, all who attended and contributed to the mass, as well as the dads who helped with breakfast: Sanjay Bangalore, David Jones, Michael Taouk, Enrico Senecca, Moses El-Fahkri, Craig Landy, Nicholas Psyhogios and Neville Drake.

We held our first GFA meeting on February 11, followed by a special presentation by College Principal, Mrs Cowling. Attending Fathers were given an update on the College Master Plan, Fathers’ Steps Project and other College Achievements. With construction works for the Fathers’ Steps Project now well underway, we are very much looking forward to seeing its completion in the early part of this year. It was also a great pleasure for me, on behalf of the GFA, to present a cheque to the College for the $999.00 raised at the three GFA Father/Student Masses held in 2014 – this will go a long way to aid the fabulous work of the FCJ Sisters’ Missions overseas.

The GFA Greetings was held on February 13 and a fantastic evening was had by more than 50 new and present Dads, welcomed into the new year by the GFA in the grounds of the Madeleine Centre with a gourmet BBQ, refreshments and a side-show of lightning and thunder. Special thanks to Nicholas Psyhogios, Jordan Papadopoulos, John Cullen, Julian di Battista and Stan Gawel for their champion efforts into making the night a great success.

A BIG thanks for the excellent turnout of GFA Super Heroes who generously offered their time in support of Gen Welcomes on February 14, with set up on Saturday afternoon, and running of the pre-dinner drinks and wine sales on the night.

Coming up on the GFA calendar, we have the GFA Early Years (ELC-Year 4) Mass on March 1. Please join us at this special mass just for Gen Dads and their children in ELC to Year 4, to be held in the College Chapel and followed by a sumptuous breakfast provided by the GFA. This is a golden opportunity for Fathers and children to share a special moment together in a sacred place and be part of College life with your child.

Our next GFA meeting will be held on Wednesday 11March at 8pm in the College Boardroom and all Gen Fathers are welcome to attend – this is your chance to meet other Dads at the College and to have your say in the GFA for 2015.

Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference…

Rob Bischof
Genazzano Fathers’ Association


Genazzano Mothers' Association News

There was never any doubt that Gen Welcomes was a going to be another beautiful night. The rain cleared in time for the GMA and GFA to set up the College’s Circular Drive for 610 parents and guests. We started with a lovely Mass at OLGC celebrated by Fr. Brendan, followed by a wonderful dinner. We experienced gourmet food and great music from The DeGenerates. The atmosphere was magical as everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great time. Events like this take months of planning and the GMA would like to extend its appreciation to our College, as well as the GFA who worked so well with the GMA (as always) in the set up. I’d like to acknowledge all the GMA members who helped out, co-ordinated by Cathy Frawley and Nichole Furlan who have worked on Gen Welcomes for years! Ladies, we thank you!

Year 2 Mums have already organised their first function for the year. Susan Houlihan kindly invited everyone to her house to enjoy morning tea.

Class Representative Roles

We had our first Class Representatives meeting this week and learnt about the role of the Class Rep and how to organise Year level events. Please find below our Class Rep co-ordinators for this year: 

Early Years: Adriana Bianco
Middle Years: Libby Meaden
Later Years: Sonya Morrissey

Below are the contact details for Try Booking:

Early and Later Years: Susan Koay / 0414 765 029
Middle Years:  Josephine Lee / 0406 349 313

International Women’s Day Breakfast – Centenary Hall, Friday 6 March

A reminder to come and support this great College event. It’s a wonderful opportunity for Mothers and daughters to get together to celebrate the work and achievements of women and support the work of the Sisters FCJ in Asia. There will be Student Presentations on the Sisters FCJ work in Asia. 

Gen Open Day

Gen Open Day will be held on Sunday 22 March.  The GMA provides refreshments and afternoon tea during this time for both visitors and our girls who help out. If you can assist with set up from 1pm, or serve for an hour or so on the day, please contact Kerri Stiles at  or 0433 540 777. We need lots of helpers! 

Save the dates for the following events:







Year 1 Family BBQ                                            Sunday 1 March
International Women’s Day Breakfast                   Friday 6 March
GMA Year 5 Welcome Family Event                       Friday 6 March
Grange Hill Morning Tea                              Wednesday 11 March
GMA ELC Afternoon Tea                                  Thursday 12 March
GMA Year 7 Welcome Family Event                      Friday 13 March
Open Day                                                         Sunday 22 March
GMA Year 12 Mother’s Dinner                       Wednesday 25 March

Debbie O’Halloran
Genazzano Mothers’ Association 



Information Technology News

Virtual presence at Genazzano - an Australian first

Recently the College took delivery of a Double® Robotics virtual presence platform; we believe that Genazzano is the first School in Australia to start testing this exciting new technology. The Double® allows a person to remotely navigate a location via any internet connection. Currently the Double® is being tested at All Hallows on Fridays and Grange Hill on Tuesdays. While at All Hallows and Grange Hill we will be testing how the device can provide remote location IT Help desk assistance. Other ways of using the device to support teaching and learning throughout the College will be explored by myself and the girls in the GenTech program this year.

BYOD devices - Years 7 and above 

A reminder that the 2015 BYOD Device Guidelines and Student Digital Technology Policy has been available via this link, under the ICT resources section, since late last year. BYOD devices need to use the BYOD Wi-Fi network for the best performance. Students who are still using the Genwifi network are still currently able to connect to the network but may experience less than optimal performance. To connect to the BYOD network please come and see the IT Help Desk team who will be able to assist. The IT Help Desk is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30am - 6.00pm, Thursday from 7.30am – 4.00pm. It is located on the Ground Floor of the D’Houet building.

Year 5 and 6 Macs 

Year 5 and 6 students have been provided with new 11inch MacBook Air devices which they will use every day in class and take home in the evenings. These devices will be available for families to purchase when their daughter transitions to the BYOD program which commences at Year 7. Therefore we advised students that it is best to purchase a cover for the device to help protect them from possible accidental damage. Also, while the MacBook’s do have excellent battery life they need to be fully charged before coming to school. Please ensure that any damage to the device is reported immediately to the IT Help desk, loan devices are available if a student’s Mac needs to be sent away for repairs. Full details about the Years 5 & 6 College Supplied Devices Program is available here: Pages 3 to 6 of the College Device and BYOD Guidelines 2015 will be of greatest interest for Year 5 and 6 parents.  

Mac users at Gen

Many students and parents at Genazzano are Mac users. It is quite common for Mac users to close the lid of their device rather than actually close it down. This can be convenient but unfortunately, especially for students, not regularly restarting your Mac can prevent various network updates from being loaded onto their Mac. It is recommended that at least once a week Mac users should restart their Mac in order to trigger software updates. The default web browser for Mac is Safari which for general web browsing is adequate but when accessing GenSpace and the College LMS we recommend you use Google Chrome. Google Chrome is free to download and is currently one of the most widely supported web browsers.   



Sport News 

GSV Sport

It is each student’s responsibility to:

  • Communicate effectively with the coach if ill, injured or otherwise unavailable. This is to be done either directly at training, through Melonie Fulton in the Sport Office or via email and must be done prior to Recess on the day before match day.
  • Only play for the team in which you are named/ selected. Students are not permitted to swap teams without prior approval.
  • Attend all training sessions and ALL matches when selected; regardless of the venue.
  • Make their way straight to the Kew campus for home matches immediately after leaving All Hallows (for Year 9 only).
  • Advise the coach and Sport Office if not continuing with the sport for that Term. This is good manners.

SSV Sport

District Tennis Trials

We congratulate Henrietta Donoghue and Scarlett Swainsbury (both Year 6C) who recently represented the College in the SSV (Armadale District) tennis trials.  Both Scarlett and Hetty performed well against some strong opposition and have come away from the trials having learnt more about their game and determined to become stronger players.

SSV 2014 Annual Review - State Champions

It was wonderful to read in the SSV Annual Review for 2014 the names of two Genazzano students who were Victorian champions. Lily Hall (Year 7G) in Girls 12-13yo 50m Butterfly (Primary) and Molly McCarthy (8B) for Girls Cross Country (12yo) Individual.  Congratulations to both Lily and Molly on their outstanding achievement.  The review may be viewed online at

Stop Press: Molly won the 14yo 1500m at the Victorian State Championships on Friday 13/2, (with a nine second PB), in a time of 4:46.0. She has qualified to compete at the Australian Junior Nationals in mid-March. 

Sports Leaders Breakfast

The 2015 GSV Sport Leaders Breakfast was held recently at Toorak College, Mt Eliza.  Students Emily T Wilson, Alice Quinlan, Moly Paul and Emily M Wilson represented the College and were accompanied by Mr Wesson.  A panel of guest speakers, including world ranked Australian water polo player, Rowena Webster, presented their stories and advice to the group.  The students sat in mixed table groups so were able to make new friends from across the 24-school GSV affiliation.


2015 Centenary Swim Meet

Once again, a very successful and enjoyable edition of this event was held at the College on Friday 13 February.  Genazzano finished in 3rd place overall behind the winning school, Sacre Coeur.

The Fastest 50m Championship race was won by Annabelle Freeman (Winter 1) in a time of 32.19secs.

Swimming Captains

We congratulate Yvonne Pearse (Captain), Teresa Lamanna (Vice-Captain) and Allegra Mattioli (Junior Captain) on their appointment to leadership positions within the Swimming program for the 2015 season.

Running Group

Thursday mornings at 7.00am here at the College. The meeting point is in Centenary Hall.  This activity is open to students in Years 7-12 who enjoy running either competitively or recreationally. Students are asked to check noticeboards and listen to Bulletin messages for details. Coaches include former GSV track and field and cross-country stars Julia Adams, Grace Kalac and Emil Archer.

Genazzano Snowsports

Please register your interest in the Sport Office to receive further information.

Australian Open 2016 Ballkids Program

To be considered as an Australian Open Ball Kid Volunteer, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged between 12-15 years in Jan 2016.
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the game of tennis.
  • Be reliable and willing to work hard.
  • Demonstrate excellent team work.
  • Have full availability for selection trials conducted at specified venues.
  • Have full availability to attend compulsory training sessions between August and November.
  • Have unrestricted availability in January/February 2016.
  • For further details, please visit: 

Genazzano Sport Information Line
Updated daily
Call 8862 1040
for news on fixtures, venues, times and cancellations.

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport



2015 Rowing Victoria Junior Girls State Championship Regatta

Co-hosted and sponsored by Genazzano FCJ College

Genazzano FCJ College is delighted to be co-hosting and sponsoring the 2015 Rowing Victoria Junior Girls State Championship Regatta on the Barwon River in Geelong on Saturday 28 February. This Rowing Season represents an exciting chapter in Genazzano’s history, as our College celebrates 30 years since the establishment of our first crew, in 1985. At Genazzano, we pride ourselves on our vibrant and diverse sporting program, and Rowing is without a doubt, an integral part of our school. Not only is this sport important in terms of College history, but for its ability to offer students skills development; training for peak performance; the building of a growth mindset; physical and psychological resilience; courage and commitment.

Gen Rowing is also very proud to have the support and generosity of Mutual Trust, an integrated financial services firm for successful individuals, families, businesses and philanthropists.

We hope that you and your family will be by the banks of the Barwon River on Saturday 28 February cheering our Gen girls on! We wish every competitor the best of luck and look forward to the 2015 Rowing Victoria Junior Girls State Championship Regatta.




Timor Leste Baby Box Donation Appeal

In Timor-Leste, 1 in 10 babies will die before their 1st birthday. But there is something we can do to help. The Global Health Class at Genazzano FCJ College are collecting donations to create ‘Baby Boxes’ which will be delivered to mothers in Timor-Leste – giving babies and their mothers a better start together.

Students may donate via the marked collection boxes throughout the College, whilst parents and alumnae can drop off their donations at either the College Reception or Student Reception, located on Mount Victor Road.

For further information, please contact the Curriculum Leader for Health Sciences, Lisa O’Halloran: lisa.o'




Community News


The Parish of St Anne and St Bede are offering a new Mass time, SUNDAY AT 7.00PM.This will be a quiet, reflective and alternative experience of Liturgy. We will celebrate these masses for the 5 Sundays of Lent and then those who are attending will assess the ongoing viability. The first Mass is Sunday February 22 at 7pm.
The success of this Mass time will be dependent on people’s participation.
So come and be still and pray.