Making Connections

Genazzano has a dynamic Year 9 program, Making Connections – Journeying beyond the Gates for Learning, designed to engage students in a diverse and challenging range of learning experiences.

The program

The program encourages students to utilise the relevance of what they learn in class and employ this in the real world – exercising self-reflection and a keen focus on strategies to improve their learning.

It encourages students to:

  • connect to the world of the 21st century
  • connect to their future
  • connect to each other
  • connect to themselves as learners, and
  • connect to their community.

Program aims

The student-centred program, based on thorough research and consultation, is designed to:

  • engage students in a diverse range of learning experiences
  • challenge students
  • enhance skill development
  • promote autonomous learning
  • enhance skills in problem solving and creativity
  • develop deeper levels of understanding
  • further develop student understanding of thinking and learning styles
  • further explore their understanding of and response to social justice issues
  • equip students with organisational, time management and study skills.

Learning and connecting

Much of the research about student learning at Year 9 points to the importance of providing opportunities for students to understand the way learning in the classroom relates to the real world. The Making Connections program allows students to see and experience practical aspects of what they are studying in class. This occurs through:

Contact us

For more information, download a copy of the Making Connections Year 9 Program booklet, or contact our College Registrar via or +613 8862 1000.

Information on fees and levies is available on the Fees page.

year 9

Our dynamic Year 9 program is designed to engage students in a diverse and challenging range or learning experiences.